One paragraph of my untitled book

‘When Titan republic invaded over us then you all sit quietly, noone opposed them, now you all do the same thing, sit quietly.’  

‘ you forget us Mr. Hritax, that time also we opposed Titan, now also we’ll opposed you. Knootz supported Titan, so you keep him, pinish him, we don’t care about him but you can’t slave the ordinary people. Let them free, let Obrion free.’

‘ We remember you President Tanx, so we always greatful to you. But we are not in Oberon to destroy it, not my army men rape their woman, we are making development, within three years it would develope like Saturn.’ 

‘ Golden cave doesn’t give happiness, Mr. Hritax,’ opposed president Tanx . 

‘ I’m not making Golden cave, I’m making a jungle for animals.’  

‘ Like you make Saturn’s a jungle, rape for rape, murder for murder.’  

‘ Yes my friend, the whole world is a jungle, here we must follow the rules of jungle, you people taught me this. It’s the rule, rape for rape, life for life, freedom for freedom. Now I declare it if anyone try to put restrictions over us then it’ll assume as declare war against us. So I have no choice but to put restriction, I put restriction over space of Saturn’s, so let forget about Oberon like you all forget about Encladus up to three years. I don’t like even to discuss.’ 

NOTE: This paragraph is taken from my unpublished book which still developing stage.


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