My cat is in depression

My cat was sad as she wasn’t find any rat from last Sunday. She was expecting too, so I wanted to keep her happy. So I offered her a cup of milk but she didn’t show any interest, there was a lockdown situation in country, still I risked my life to get fish for her. She ate a little but didn’t look happy.

‘Pown, why do you look so sad,’ I asked.

‘ I didn’t catch a rat 🐀 from last five days,’ she said gloomily, ‘ I am expecting, so I must have to eat rats for my future babies.’

‘ You can’t get a rat now, they are in quarantine,’ I said.


‘ Why? Are they all going to Quarantine on holiday?’

‘Hey, don’t you watch news now a days? Quarantine isn’t a place silly girl, it’s isolation, social distancing.
Don’t you see empty roads? Government lockdown the country to stop spreading of Coronavirus, a deadly virus which has no cure,’ I said. ‘ So government orders to stay in home, stay in quarantine.
  ‘Coronavirus is a disease? I thought it’s name of some Chinese food,’ my cat said innocently. ‘ You know I don’t like chinese.’
  I looked at her in disbelief.
  ‘I desperately want to hunt a rat,  you have no idea how delicious they are,’ said my cat, looking excited. ‘ When this quarantine will end?’
  ‘ As for present declaration it’ll end on April 14th, but if the situation won’t control till that time then government might extend the date,’ I said casually.
  ‘ April 14th!’  my cat repeated the sentence in shocking. And now she was in depression.
Don’t you believe it, just watch her picture below.