Blind followers of God

Men, who follows any religious book or any religion blindly will definitely become evil one-day, because it’s presented by some of the stupid men in the world, you find such idiots in every religious place who claims themselves smarter than stephen hawking.

we don’t care what is in Quran, Bible or Gita. We don’t care about any fucking lines. Don’t repeat some lines from any religious book again and again without knowing the proper meaning, it’s really irritating. No matter who are you, but You are not God so you are not capable to find out actual meaning, so don’t say it.

Only humanity matters, if their is no empathy, no helping nature, no love then you are not even consider as a human, no matter which God you follow.

2 thoughts on “Blind followers of God

  1. This thought is very relevant at the present time. People are coming up with terroristic activities with the partial knowledge of their religious books. Knowing deep to the core and truly devotional are something rare nowadays. Well said😃👍👏

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