Still I love you


You broke my heart,

You broke my heart like a piece of glass,

For you I’m not so smart,

I’m the one to whom you can’t show to your friends,

My dressing scene is not so good,

I don’t wore any premium brand,

So you keep me as your time pass…


If I love a tighter then also I can surely make it my pet,

make a monster as my friend,

But I couldn’t win your heart…

and became a emotionless man,

Now I’m girls’ hunter,

Who loves to give pain and tear,

who loves when a girl sobs,

Who celebrates win after breaking a heart. 

Congratulation, for making me an emotionless man . . .


Failure in love has broken me from inside,

It has killed me almost,

Still I can’t forgot her,

still I sob for her,

Still I could hear her words which she used to insult me,

Still I could hear her poisonous spell,

And those words which give me pain

but the problem is still I love you,

Still I love the girl, who never loves me,

Who broke my heart like I’m a nothing…


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