My Fault

It’s not my fault

You do all wrong,

fall in love,

never confess

when you find me

with other girls

it’s not my fault…

it’s not my fault

you give me rose

gift me some precious

cook for me

and do all my stuff

but never dare to purpose

so how can I know you are in love

It’s not my fault…

I am a free man,

 a wind,

 to whom you can’t keep,

whom you can’t stop,

you know

I have no brain

 to understand your little emotions

it’s not my fault …

It’s hurt to hurt you,

painful to see you in pain,

You know in matter of love

I am an idiot,

For me you are my best friend

But for you I am your love

It’s not my fault…

You are beautiful with smile

I can’t see tear in your eyes

I don’t know it’s love or not

But I don’t want a day without you,

So, it’s my fault

as for me friendship is love . . .


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