Stone & flower

It’s Morning,

The world was luminous by the first sunbeam

Stone was still in the grass of bed,

covered itself in a bedsheet of dry leaves,

 sleeping like dead,

Till the wind blew away leaves,

And shining sunbeam broke his sleep.

‘What’s your problem man?’ the stone complained.

‘The wind is comfy,

Nature is cool,

 I want a few hours of rest,

Can’t you rise a little late?’

Sun smiled and calmly spoke,

 ‘It’s my duty to wake you all,

The night is for sleep, and the day is for work,

Wake up and do something,

Make this world beautiful and shining.’

Stone made a gloomy face,

 ‘I don’t have hands & legs,

 I am ugly and useless,

What can I do?

 Can you explain?’

‘If you can’t do anything,

then just watch this beautiful world,’

Sun replied and vanished behind clouds,

 might be playing hide and seek.

Motivated by the words of the Sun,

the stone moved its eyes to watch the beauty of nature,

The first few minutes were boring

birds, animals, and trees

nothing could excite him,

suddenly eyes stop over a corner,

something glistening like a pearl,

it was a water drop over a gorgeous red flower.

Oh my god!

The flower was so beautiful and fresh,

Going to bloom in the next minute or less,

Rock had never seen such beauty in his life,

fall in love at first sight,

 wanted to express his love,

Planning to say how much he loved her.

But the language of flowers wasn’t same,

there was a communication barrier…

Part 2 of this song will come soon


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