A broken heart

My heart was broken many years before

Pain and tear were with me forever,

Till you come …

You are an angle

who is save this broken heart,

I am the one who forget to smile

But with you I learn to live

 you are not the first girl to whom I love

But definitely you are the one

 with whom I want to spend my whole life.

Why we broke up?

No one had seen me with a smile

after we broke up

I was a small-town man

for whom love means

staying together forever.

Whose fault it was

still I can’t answer

I don’t know the reason

why suddenly I became possessive

or why you scarified my love

for happiness of your parents

 and became a cheater.

But I know still you love me

and I love you too

although we both know

We can’t now ever together.

An opposite attraction

Fire fell in love with butter,

Although he always knew

they can’t stay together.

Butter fell in love with fire

although she knew

she will melt and burn.

Fire knew butter will burn him more,

make him worst

still he fell in love.

Butter knows fire will burn her

she will be lost herself completely

 still she fell in love.

Both fire and butter knew the result

they have no possible future

still they fell in love.

How stupid they were

why they didn’t use their logic

before fell in love?

My writing desk

It’s the place where I write my poems, novels and stories. My writing process is quite different, first I write a first draft in paper, then I develop the story in my PC. I always forget name of characters of my story and their personalities, so to help myself, I write all characters name and little bit about them in my wall over drawing papers as you can see in the picture below. Specially for the current story I need it most as number of characters are more than hundred.

What’s your writing style?

People of God

Every religion is good, but don’t listen any so called people of God.  They actually have no knowledge, if they have knowledge they must be got Nobel prize, haven’t they?

Religious people or people of God only memorise some lines written by others, they have not actually written any book, or invented anything, they have no vision. They are like a kid who only memorises lines without knowing the proper meaning. So don’t take them seriously.

Blind followers of God

Men, who follows any religious book or any religion blindly will definitely become evil one-day, because it’s presented by some of the stupid men in the world, you find such idiots in every religious place who claims themselves smarter than stephen hawking.

we don’t care what is in Quran, Bible or Gita. We don’t care about any fucking lines. Don’t repeat some lines from any religious book again and again without knowing the proper meaning, it’s really irritating. No matter who are you, but You are not God so you are not capable to find out actual meaning, so don’t say it.

Only humanity matters, if their is no empathy, no helping nature, no love then you are not even consider as a human, no matter which God you follow.