We all have hearts

Priya, Ishita, Vijay, Rashmi and I were in a hotel. Vijay had planned this meeting to take Priya out with him. But we had to face some problems; some boys started passing comments upon girls and it was irritating and annoying to behold.
‘Vijay, let’s teach them a lesson. Call the police,’ I suggested.

‘Yes, you’re right! These bastards need a lesson,’ Ishita said with aggression.

‘Just give me two minutes,’ he said in composure; standing and walking toward the boys. Priya looked worried. She tried to stop Vijay but he motioned her not to do so.

‘Hi friends! I’m Vijay. What are you guys doing? Just try to understand,’ gently he said. The boys were shocked. ‘The girl in the middle is my childhood love and I love her very much. Till date I didn’t dare to propose her. Just few days ago, she lost her parents in an accident and she hadn’t come outside since a month. She keeps on crying almost every day. I have brought her here to change her mind a little bit and get her smile back. So, please guys! Don’t tease us. I guess you all too have ever loved someone in your life. Please try to understand my feelings.’

The boys felt guilty. Vijay was about to walk away, ‘We’re sorry,’ one of them apologized. Then everyone said sorry to the girls and walked away from there.

We all were amazed. We couldn’t understand how Vijay changed those notorious boys’ mind. ‘What did you tell them?’ I asked.

‘Nothing! They’re humans too. I talked to their hearts,’ said Vijay with his trademarked soft smile. ‘Always fight where there is no other option to resolve the conflict. If we would have fought with them, then the situation might have turned worst. If we would have hurt their egos, then they might have taken some action against us in future. We would have become the reason of generating some animals in the society. But now, I’m sure they have some respect for our girls too.’

    * This is part of my novel ‘ Leader of Millions, The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’.


One paragraph of my Book ‘ Leader of millions’

Leader of Millions
‘Successful people become successful because they know life doesn’t come to an end with success or failure. Life is long enough to do more. Successful people know how to celebrate failure. They love to fail and know how to transform failure to success. There is nothing that you can get by luck. Even to win a lottery, you have to purchase a ticket. Look at the light. It was invented by a partially deaf boy, named Thomas Edison. He failed approximately 10,000 times while he was working to invent a light bulb.’

Book review – The Richest Man in Babylon

1-Save 1/10 of your earning
2-used it wisely
3-control your expenditure.
This book gives you such simple advice but in an beautiful manner. It’s teach you how to grow your money and how to spend. it instead focuses on the habits one must cultivate in order to have more control over your finances. The only complain about the book is excessive use of ‘Thy’, ‘Thyself’. Otherwise this book is a great book for youngster who wants to be rich.

Product description

If you have a lean purse and are looking for financial wisdom, you’ve picked the perfect book!
From the importance of savings to the essentials on how to become wealthy, this collection of famous Babylonian parables imparts timeless financial wisdom. It offers insights on how to become wealthy and how to attract good luck and discusses the five laws of gold.
A perfect guide to understanding finances and a powerhouse of time-tested principles to gain and retain personal wealth, The Richest Man in Babylon has been inspiring readers for generations. It continues to remain a classic bestseller.

Ram – Scion of Ikshvaku by Amish TripathiAmish

Firstly I admit that I am a great fan of Amish’s work and I really love Amish first Book “The Immortals of Meluha”, So I my exception was much higher, but I ain’t satisfied. I wont more, Still I love this book too. The way Amish has taken every characters from Ramayana and given his vision is beautiful, specially I love characters of Lakshmana and Bharat.
The narration begins with the battle of Karachapa, in which the unconquerable chakravarti king Dashrath is defeated by the king of Lanka, Raavan. Coincidentally, on the same day Ram is born to Kaushalya, the eldest wife of Dashrath. Dashrath is convinced that Ram is born with a bad karma and is a bad omen, as on the day of his birth he lost his battle.
Ram is as expected a man who loves to follow law and can do anything to protect the law, but Bharat is completely a different man from Ram, he is rebellious, Casanova type, but loves his elder brother Ram more than everyone. Lakshmana was the shadow of Ram who’s aim is save his brother from every unforeseen event. Ravan, a man of ego, brave and warrior. Sita, lady who can fight with the world for justice. Ram admiring Sita the first time he see her, Sita standing bold in the market place saving a teenage. Amish’s imaginations of inheriting Draupadi’s swayambar from Mahabharat into Sita’s Swayambar. Amish has brought into focus many of the social norms like caste system. Why birth should not be important but the actions should be important. He does open debate against polygamy just for political alliance.
The concept is beautiful, but my problem is with the flow of the story, some times I feel the descriptions were lengthier, and discussion between characters has taken place much mare space. overall I love the book and recommended to read it to all.

Book Blurb


Ayodhya is weakened by divisions. A terrible war has taken its toll. The damage runs deep. The demon King of Lanka, Raavan, does not impose his rule on the defeated. He, instead, imposes his trade. Money is sucked out of the empire. The Sapt Sindhu people descend into poverty, despondency and corruption. They cry for a leader to lead them out of the morass. Little do they appreciate that the leader is among them. One whom they know. A tortured and ostracised prince. A prince they tried to break. A prince called Ram.

He loves his country, even when his countrymen torment him. He stands alone for the law. His band of brothers, his Sita, and he, against the darkness of chaos.

Will Ram rise above the taint that others heap on him? Will his love for Sita sustain him through his struggle? Will he defeat the demon Lord Raavan who destroyed his childhood? Will he fulfil the destiny of the Vishnu?

A writer’s dream

Writing is passion,

My love,

I can’t imagine a life without it,

I cann’t get one day income from my writing now,

Still I dream to get millions,

Funny, isn’t it?

By my writing I’ve made a small fanbase,

I’ve win some hearts,

But for me it’s not enough,

I want to rule over the world,

Although till I don’t get any recognition or any prize,

Funny, isn’t it?

It’s too difficult to complete a story,

it needs few years of research,

Dedication and devotion,

Even sometimes more than one year to get a perfect ending,

Still I dream to finish all my pending stories within a year,

and become the writing machine.

Funny, isn’t it?

Be a leader

Be a human first,

Why do you need salute of subordinate?

Why can you do your own work?

Why do you need a serveant?

Arrogant men love to rule,

But leader loves make friend,

They treat everyone as equal,

Be a leader,

its better,Don’t become an arrogant and idiot,

May be your servant couldn’t say anything in your front,

But they never love you as a person…

Let’s make a heaven

Let’s make a world,

where everyone is equal,

Where no needs of border and politician,

Let’s make a world without violence,

Without hunger, without poverty,

Without army and without any weapon.

Let’s make a heaven,

Where no one is boss,

Let’s make a world without companies,

Without stock market and without job.

Let’s make a heaven

Where is no death,

No accident

No threat of life.

Let’s make a heaven,

Where is no religion,

No color discrimination,

Where Everyone is equal,

Gold is treated as a metal,

Diamond is just a stone,

Where nothing is consider as precious.

Let’s make a heaven,

Where everyone is educated

And everyone is treated others well.

Let’s make this Earth a heaven,

Where God wants to take birth again and again . . .

Why do bosses conduct meeting on Sunday?

I think following reasons must be the reason behind meeting of Sunday or holidays.

  1. They born to be slave and love to work like a donkey
  2. They have ugly wives with whom they don’t want to spend time.
  3. They want to show to their owner that they are the best slave in the world.
  4. They had no personal life.
  5. They are either bad son or a bad father, who doesn’t want to spend time with their parents or kids.
  6. They are going through breakup phase, so they want to keep themselves busy.
  7. They have no capabilities to finish their work in time.
  8. They have no goal in life to do something big.
  9. For them getting promotion is everything.
  10. They are idiots, who have no courage to take risk and start their own business.

What you think?

A rose

I loved a rose,
forgetting that Rose has thorn,
which would give pain and suffer.

The rose looked gorgeous,
smell was delicious,
it’s not natural,
it was just made with plastic,
the smell of rose was just artificial,
It’s a show piece, had nothing special…

To love a rose is always one-sided,
It never loves you back,
It don’t say I love you return,
except pain you don’t get anything from rose…

Idiot terrorist

Idiot terrorist,

why this war?

Why you end your own life,

in name of Jihad and false pride?

Don’t kill anyone,

it’s against the rule of Allah

A man has no power,

To take life or give life,

and become a God,

Love all,

spared love and humanity,

If you want to go to heaven

Then Try to kill evil inside your mind,

And die to save someone’s life.