Don’t give your heart to an idiot.

Love is beautiful,

only for them who get success in love.

But success rate is much lower than expected.

Almost everyone is getting pain,


and break up.

Sometime it kills their self-confident,

Make them a week and powerless.

Some becomes emotionless,

Some become monster and a killer,

So choose a right partner for you carefully,

Because your heart is precious;

don’t give it some idiot…

One-sided love

You aren’t the only one to whom I say I love you.

But you are the only one to whom I love,

Every girl comes into my life has some place in my heart,

But you are the special one,

Although I got only pain and rejection.

My love story with you only one-sided,

although we many time went on a date,

For you, I was just a time-pass,

your love toy.

But still I love you,

You are my dream,

whose heart I couldn’t win,

to whom I couldn’t get…

World’s true leader

Expansion are now motive of leaders,
Gaining power is their only intention,
For own interest they don’t scare of war,
In the name of development they are only doing destruction . . .

Some use religion as weapon,
Believe in killing innocent and go to heaven,
For some land is important than human life,
For few aces they can destroy anything,
And for some business is the reason,
For some fuel they can kill millions . . .

These leaders are willingly take risk of worldwar,
to fulfill their stupid promises
And stay in power.
But the most stupid are we people,
Who are voted to those rascals,
It’s time come to choose some real leader,
Who rule over heart of mankind by using the power of love.


Machine are made to help human,
But now we are addicted to machine,
So much that now without machine we can’t survive,
We now choose phone instead of parents,
Television instead of friend,
And veideo game instead of sports,
No friends in real life but thousands in social network,
Love to click selfie, but forget to love.
Depending upon machine instead of labor,
But we forget that machine is just a emotionless things invented by human.

Love is important or not?

Love, what is love?
Some says it’s like dream,
But love is just a small part of big our life,
nobody care if you get success in love or not,
nobody care how many girls reject you,
and reject your proposal,
but everybody care about your work,
at end people judge you by your achievements,
So don’t breakdown when you don’t get your love,
You don’t even imagine,
how many girl fall in love after saw your work…

Love at first sight

One day I saw you in train,

you and your friends sat in my front,

First I thought,

You are hot,

but when I saw your eyes,

I fell in love.

you don’t even imagine

your eyes theft sleep of mine,

I wanted to ask your name,

but shyness & ego stop me from taking this step,

I now in love with you,

but still don’t gather courage to talk with you . . .

Mountain of garbage

The world is always beautiful,
But we human make it ugly,
It’s covered with trees and grasses,
We make it jungle of concrete,
Once there are millions of species lived happily,
Now you can only see mankind and buildings,
Hights of natural mountains shorter due to use of stone,
But mountains of garbage are our creation.
Before one century ground was covered with day leaves at spring,
Now everytime you would find only garbage of plastic,
Earth was a heaven but we’d made it a hell,
If we don’t take stronger steps,
Then we soon need a new planet . . .