Still I love you


You broke my heart,

You broke my heart like a piece of glass,

For you I’m not so smart,

I’m the one to whom you can’t show to your friends,

My dressing scene is not so good,

I don’t wore any premium brand,

So you keep me as your time pass…


If I love a tighter then also I can surely make it my pet,

make a monster as my friend,

But I couldn’t win your heart…

and became a emotionless man,

Now I’m girls’ hunter,

Who loves to give pain and tear,

who loves when a girl sobs,

Who celebrates win after breaking a heart. 

Congratulation, for making me an emotionless man . . .


Failure in love has broken me from inside,

It has killed me almost,

Still I can’t forgot her,

still I sob for her,

Still I could hear her words which she used to insult me,

Still I could hear her poisonous spell,

And those words which give me pain

but the problem is still I love you,

Still I love the girl, who never loves me,

Who broke my heart like I’m a nothing…

Who are in love . . .

Love is painful

Terrible, horrible, scary

For those

Whose get failure in love

Love is waste if time

Injurious and dangerous

Whose don’t get the love.

Love is a slow poison

Whose marry their love

Don’t believe me

Ask them who are in love.

Opposites attract

I am a Desi boy,





a small town guys

to whom according to you

 a crazy.

You are the selfie girl,



and flirty,

with tattoos

you look sexy

We are different

Everyone knows it

Still Desi boy and selfie girl fall in love


They even don’t know it.

In love after the break up

No one had seen me with a smile

after we broke up

I was a small-town man

for whom love means

staying together forever.

Whose fault it was

still I can’t get an answer

I don’t know the reason

why suddenly I became possessive

or why you scarified my love

for happiness of your parents

 and became a cheater.

But I know still you love me

and I love you too

although we both know

We can’t now ever together.

Love impossible

She is a winter of subcontinental

Cool, refreshing and beautiful

 Whom arrival is welcomed

But I am the summer

An unwanted time,

  No one likes me. . .

She is a princess and I am a monster

We can’t, we won’t stay together

I am to hunter, a killer

who loves to hunt others

She is life,

loving a caring

I am the destroyer,

A danger,

She is an angle

Life saver

We have nothing in common

so we can’t and we won’t stay together . . .

Pain of heart

Your betrayal was poisonous than cobra

heartbroken was painful than death

It was shattered my dreams

almost given experience of death . . .

It took many years to gather my soul,

and healed the wound.

Seven years needed

to become normal again.

  Still i am struggling to forget you,

and still tears make my eyes wet.

still your rejection is given my pain,

still i can’t forgive you nor I forget

Sorry i can’t fall in love again

Because i scare of heart broken

i can’t move away so fast

As this brain couldn’t forget the past.


A broken heart

I can’t stay without her one day
but now she isn’t even alive
to whom I’ll wait . . .

God has done this unfair
and broke my heart
taking my everything
by taking her away . . .

I don’t know what I do now
Try to busy in work
But the smile you love
Lost forever
Friends suggest to move on
But how?

How could I move on
From the best memory of my life
I know she’d never come
But still I wait
and will wait forever . . .

Believe me . . .

You are beautiful and soft,

I Just want to protect you from pain and suffer

 Don’t want to hurt you at all.

I am a man with mission,

Who wants to achieve success

by planning and calculations.

you entered in my life like a storm,

to keep you happy become my priorities

I just try to protect you from any thorn . . .

I might hurt your feeling

But that was never my intentions

I couldn’t express my feeling properly

But believe me I love you a lot . . .