First Love of a Girl

He stands always outside the college,

only got a glimpse on mine,

without exchange a word followed behind me,

My friends told that he loved me,

But why he couldn’t even try to talk with me?

Six months passed still I didn’t even know his name,

But inside my heart

his innocence created some space,

without my knowledge!

He always wore a red colour shirt,

formal and properly ironed,

combed his hair with oil and gel

like he had interview which he must be attend.

One rainy day,

I was going to college,

in way I found him stood under a tree and waited.

To give him a chance,

 I stopped myself.

I was nervous,

still went and stood his beside under the tree

hoping and praying to God to give him courage.

 His hands were quivered,

In cold or because of nervousness

I don’t know,

still he managed to say ‘hi’.

I couldn’t believe my ear

but I said ‘hi’ in return.

“I am Samar’ he said

after just formal introduction

he asked me my phone number.

I thought a while

but gave my phone number in a paper.

I waited for three days,

he didn’t phone me back,

not even come to college.

I was felt humiliated,

Was it just a game for him

to get my attention?

was he ever love me?

Or something bad happening with him.

I sobbed, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat

Might be I made a mistake

I mustn’t be fall in love with that random guy.

Next day, suddenly,

Samir entered inside the class

Looked at me with a big smile

Wearing a white dress,

looking handsome like always,

Smile brought in my face,

But I heard my best friend’s yelling

Samir disappeared like a smoke

I understood in was just my imagination.

‘Class is suspended,’ my friend told. ‘Let’s go home.’


‘Because . . . Samir,

the boy who had a huge crush over you

died in a road accident.’

I was shocked

tear fell down from my eyes,

I wanted to see him for the last time,

So, I asked Samir’s address,

rode in bicycle, used my whole strength

but till I reached his body was brunt

  I couldn’t even see him for last time,

With him I panned my whole future…

I was broken down for some months,

It was taken much more time to recovered.


it was my first love

my Samar …

and he has taken a special place in my heart

ever and ever…

Scare from love

I am scare,
Scare to fall in love again,
Scare to get those pain again,
My heart has broken already,
I couldn’t tolerate one more heart broken.

How can I believe you
you might broke heart of mine,
I forget smile from many years
Still scare to smile again.

Those pain is fresh till
couldn’t heal although many years passed,
I am scare to get pain once again,
I scare to start a new life again…

My writing desk

It’s the place where I write my poems, novels and stories. My writing process is quite different, first I write a first draft in paper, then I develop the story in my PC. I always forget name of characters of my story and their personalities, so to help myself, I write all characters name and little bit about them in my wall over drawing papers as you can see in the picture below. Specially for the current story I need it most as number of characters are more than hundred.

What’s your writing style?

People of God

Every religion is good, but don’t listen any so called people of God.  They actually have no knowledge, if they have knowledge they must be got Nobel prize, haven’t they?

Religious people or people of God only memorise some lines written by others, they have not actually written any book, or invented anything, they have no vision. They are like a kid who only memorises lines without knowing the proper meaning. So don’t take them seriously.

Blind followers of God

Men, who follows any religious book or any religion blindly will definitely become evil one-day, because it’s presented by some of the stupid men in the world, you find such idiots in every religious place who claims themselves smarter than stephen hawking.

we don’t care what is in Quran, Bible or Gita. We don’t care about any fucking lines. Don’t repeat some lines from any religious book again and again without knowing the proper meaning, it’s really irritating. No matter who are you, but You are not God so you are not capable to find out actual meaning, so don’t say it.

Only humanity matters, if their is no empathy, no helping nature, no love then you are not even consider as a human, no matter which God you follow.

My cat is in depression

My cat was sad as she wasn’t find any rat from last Sunday. She was expecting too, so I wanted to keep her happy. So I offered her a cup of milk but she didn’t show any interest, there was a lockdown situation in country, still I risked my life to get fish for her. She ate a little but didn’t look happy.

‘Pown, why do you look so sad,’ I asked.

‘ I didn’t catch a rat 🐀 from last five days,’ she said gloomily, ‘ I am expecting, so I must have to eat rats for my future babies.’

‘ You can’t get a rat now, they are in quarantine,’ I said.


‘ Why? Are they all going to Quarantine on holiday?’

‘Hey, don’t you watch news now a days? Quarantine isn’t a place silly girl, it’s isolation, social distancing.
Don’t you see empty roads? Government lockdown the country to stop spreading of Coronavirus, a deadly virus which has no cure,’ I said. ‘ So government orders to stay in home, stay in quarantine.
  ‘Coronavirus is a disease? I thought it’s name of some Chinese food,’ my cat said innocently. ‘ You know I don’t like chinese.’
  I looked at her in disbelief.
  ‘I desperately want to hunt a rat,  you have no idea how delicious they are,’ said my cat, looking excited. ‘ When this quarantine will end?’
  ‘ As for present declaration it’ll end on April 14th, but if the situation won’t control till that time then government might extend the date,’ I said casually.
  ‘ April 14th!’  my cat repeated the sentence in shocking. And now she was in depression.
Don’t you believe it, just watch her picture below.   

A dying love story

love story between us was beautiful

but now we can’t take even breath,

we are sinking inside this mud of love,

and going to die.

before realizing our fight turned ugly

days starts with yelling

shouting and screaming

become part of our daily life,

damn it!

we are pathetic.

we’re never missed a chance,

to down each other,

we now loved our ex,

giving example of them,

like how they were better,

and hate each other.

passion became poison,

love became hate,

where we lost ourselves,

and what we’ll get.

let be friends again,

and end this love game,

otherwise we’ll turn as enemy,

and who knows

we destroy ourselves,

in the name of revenge.

Festival of colours

Every colour represents a different and unique emotions,
Holi is a celebration of emotions,
celebrations of colours,
and celebration of our colourful life.

Red-Passionate, aggressive, important
Orange- playful, energetic
Yellow- happy, friendly, warning
Green-natural, stable, prosperous
Blue- serene, trustworthy, inviting
Purple-luxurious, mysterious, romantic
Black-evil, unhappiness
White-purity, innocence
Brown-strength, reliability
Pink- romantic, joy, creative

One paragraph of my untitled book

‘When Titan republic invaded over us then you all sit quietly, noone opposed them, now you all do the same thing, sit quietly.’  

‘ you forget us Mr. Hritax, that time also we opposed Titan, now also we’ll opposed you. Knootz supported Titan, so you keep him, pinish him, we don’t care about him but you can’t slave the ordinary people. Let them free, let Obrion free.’

‘ We remember you President Tanx, so we always greatful to you. But we are not in Oberon to destroy it, not my army men rape their woman, we are making development, within three years it would develope like Saturn.’ 

‘ Golden cave doesn’t give happiness, Mr. Hritax,’ opposed president Tanx . 

‘ I’m not making Golden cave, I’m making a jungle for animals.’  

‘ Like you make Saturn’s a jungle, rape for rape, murder for murder.’  

‘ Yes my friend, the whole world is a jungle, here we must follow the rules of jungle, you people taught me this. It’s the rule, rape for rape, life for life, freedom for freedom. Now I declare it if anyone try to put restrictions over us then it’ll assume as declare war against us. So I have no choice but to put restriction, I put restriction over space of Saturn’s, so let forget about Oberon like you all forget about Encladus up to three years. I don’t like even to discuss.’ 

NOTE: This paragraph is taken from my unpublished book which still developing stage.

Time Jump

The world was changing rapidly; the earth now fully sank inside ocean, almost everyone live inside enormous ships. There was heavy shortage of food, as fishes were found very less in ocean. Before three year there was world war, idiot politician used atomic bomb against each other, thousands of men born and turned into ashes within few seconds, few smaller countries destroyed completely. Atomic bombs increased the temperature of the earth up to many times, all the glossaries of Atlantic melted, the world had experienced the world largest tsunami ever, and that day every continental sank in ocean forever.

Only half a billion survived from that annihilation, now ships were named after the country, China and India had the biggest one. Some country citizen merged and lived together, most of all depended over the Marin foods to survive, money lost its value. Everyone was waiting desperately to settlement of the atmosphere. Scientists were trying to find out a solution to settlement of the atmosphere. Some of them thought about terraforming the earth’s atmosphere to make it normal, but some of them had a different vision.

 Between them one scientist had found an extremely different solution. he thought to jump time up to half a century so that there was no need to struggle, his name was Albox.

  “You want to jump the time of a planet; you want to take the whole earth fifty five year ahead, a brilliant science-fiction undoubtly, but it’s not partially possible,” said the president of united nation. 

  “ And what guaranty that after fifty year this world will have settled  automatically,” argued back Russia’s leader. “ And do you really understand what is the meaning of jump the time? We have to lose our fifty years of time, we may be died or we will have left only some memory, things we would remember as memory would actually nothing more than a story. To whom we say our children actually we won’t give birth them.”

  “Yes, I understand every bit of it, I within fraction of seconds became an older man, may be died when I successfully jump the time, but it’s only solution to end the suffer,” Albox said in defense. “And I can say it fifty years so confidently because I have seen the future.”

  “What! How can you see the future? Do you have some time machine?” asked curiously the president of the united state of America.

  “Yes, I am the one who used the power of thousand nuclear bombs to open of a path to the multiverse, otherwise the mankind completely destroyed, through that multiverse path I connected with few civilization who can now see our future, they even sent me some video evidence of the future.” He played some videos where everyone saw a completely new earth with thousands of plants and animals and few developed cities. “See this is our future after fifty years, a heaven like world which knowingly we have destroyed once, let’s go to the direct to this timeline, our pain and struggle will automatically over, except a bitter memory.”

  “But how can you jump the time of a planet? Can you get any technology from those multiverse civilizations?” asked desperately president of the united nation.

  “I have a theory, I want to open up the path again and then we use dark energy to jump the time as it’s expanding father than light speed,” said Albox excitedly. “Then we can take the earth’s time to anywhere, anytime!”

  “ You can do it even if we don’t give our permission, because we have no play on this, then why you inform us?” asked the president of Russia, looking suspicious.

  “ Because I want to take your permission latter, so it become official, so no one can deny it in future,” said Albox intelligently. Every leader agreed and gave the permission letter to the Albox after a long discussion, with a month Albox succeeded to take the whole earth in to time  travel by help of dark matter and jumpped the time but there was a mistake, instead of future the time went to past and the earth time was now 2017.So the Albox was now a kid, he had no knowledge about the future, no nuclear war happened or no one signed any letter to jump the time of earth ever . . .