Let’s do something . . .

Why do you want to step back?
After getting some rejection in life,

Maybe you will get better than your dream,

Write some lines where you break all rule,

Without being a rebel . . .

Make a painting which will everyone love,

But researcher will have to research about it up to hundreds of years . . .

Innovate something extraordinary,

Which will use by ordinary men in every day of life…

Let’s do something,

Let’s do a miracle . . .

Is religion really important?

Why religion is so important now?
While we all have the same blood color . . .

Why do people die to get haven?

Which no one has seen ever . . .

What is the need of power?

When you die, you can’t take a piece of sugar . . .

What is country?

Go to the space, you can’t see any border . . .

Imagine a world without any caste, without any religion and without any nation,

What a world it will be…

Just imagine a world without any terrorist,

Without any border or without any barriers,

A world where everyone is equal,

Where no chance for any war,

Where love presences in heart of everyone . . .

The world need leaders

This world now needs some leaders,

Leader likes Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi,

Who can turn the face of the world toward peace & non-violence,

Otherwise we can’t stop future world war…

We know the result,

Every country has now with nuclear power,

If war will happen then Humanity will lost its race forever…

How to stop future war?

Countries are making war agreements,

testing missiles everyday,

Everyone is ready for war,

Some follow USA and some follow Russia,

It’s a slow down phase of economy,

 But countries invest more in defence,

Just similar like the world war . . .

But now the time is changed,

 all counties have now nuclear power,

If one more world war will happen,

 Then man-kind must be destroyed completely from the earth.

We have only one option to save this world,

Choose the path of peace and non-violence,

Let’s follow  Mahatma Gandhi and Christ, 

For a better future,

Let’s try to solve every issue by discussion . . .

Waiting to fall in love . . .

I’s serching you outside,

but you entered in the train & sat beside me sudeenly,

I was shocked, I couldn’t believe in my eyes,

You couldn’t even imagine how I felt that time,

My heart beat rapiedly that time,

I wanted to talk with you,

but couldn’t currage to exchange a word with you,

When my eyes fell over your unconvesnal eyes,

I snak in it,  I lost somewhere inside it!

I couldn’t say where,

Its needed sometime to recover,

Lastly I showed some currage,

Currage to say you something,

mght be my all words were nonsence,

but I could able to exchange some words with you at list . . .

I unknowingly touched your finger,

A current passed inside me and made me nurvous,

In front of mine someone insult you,

I couldn’t control over my emotion,

and I protested him with all my strengh,

 you also got back your confident,

And tried to defend your point.

It made me happy,

and I felt like a winner . . .

please come tomorrow, sit beside me,

and give me some love…

I am waiting,

waiting to see you tomorrow,

waiting to see your gorgeous eyes,

And waiting to fall in love….

When love becomes Poison . . .

Sometime love becomes poison,

 a simple man becomes a complicated one,

A man can backstabbing his friend for love,

a girl can destory house of her sister,

 a mother can kill his own daughter,

a wife can cheat his husband,

and a broken heart can break thousands of heart…

So be careful in love,

Please don’t play with anyone’s heart for fun . . .