The dream of a common man

I want to win heart of everyone,

I want to travel without visa and restriction,

I want to be citizen of every land,

I want to be a man with golden hearts,

I want to be a perfect husband,
and a lovable dad,

I want to be a cute kid of my parents,

and do a job to get happiness…

its my dream,

maybe it’s the dream of every common man . . .


A man with diffident thoughts

I ‘m not crazy for branded cloths and shoes,

I don’t want a super bike,

I don’t want a car and a house with every luxurious facilities.

I don’t want a job in multinational company,

Or a government job and a secure life.

I don’t want a life without struggle,

and risk free life.

I don’t want to part of an easy race,

Where everybody is going to win.

I can’t claim that I ‘m best in anything,

But I’ll definitely try to give my best in everything,

And one day I ‘ll prove to the world that,

What is the actual meaning of win.

Let’s say no to religion

Some idiots had written Gita, Koran, and Bible,

Without knowing truth
And with thousands of mistakes . . .

Millions of idiots are killing each other,

By reference of those books,

Without knowing the proper meaning of words . . .

Men follow those books,

Kill men by name of religion,

And think themselves as superior from other…

So lets burn those books together,

Burn the mistake of our ancestor,

Destroy every religion…

We aren’t Hindu, not Mussulmen, not Christian,

We are only mankind,

We are the new generation

and we are the future…

Be a better man

It is important to forgive someone,

Because fire not only burns other house,

It also burns our hands and fingers,

It gives us equally pain and kills our creativity,

So forgive other and lives happily forever…

Forgot every pain and move on your life,

Past pain only clutch your legs,

And stop you from going forward,

So forgot your pain and failure,

And prepare to do something better…

A struggling writer

I do some odd jobs just because of some money,

But Jobs are boring and killing creativity of mine,

I hate to obey someone’s order,

I hate to restrict myself within the boundary make by other.

Job never gives me satisfaction,

Writing gives me pleaser,

but no enough wealth for bread and butter . . .

Stories satisfy my creativity,

I get claps and appreciation,

But I don’t get money to survive this material Nation…

With empty stomach I write some poem and stories,

Nights after nights passed with some characters,

I narrate my all emotion and imagination in pen and paper,

Without even reading it Publishers send me rejection letters…

Parents want money now,

Girlfriend’s parents need a service,

But who convince my heart,

who has found happiness from stories . . .

I’m an idiot now say my friends,

And I’m a Rascal for my parents,

My classmates now become job holder,

Proudly mention designation of them in Facebook and twitter,

They wear tie and put their company identity card with honor,

Talking about their meeting, targets and workloads,

But still I’m just a struggling writer…

Before I’ll die

Before I’ll die…

I want to fly and kiss the sky,

I want to see the world,

at list spend few weeks in every country,

I want to eat every dish,

and learn how to cook at list…

I want to go to a date with my girlfriend,

and marry to my wife again . . .

I again want to be child,

and go to school with my childhood friends,

Friend with those who are now my enemy . . .

Writes my all novels and publish it within a day,

Dance at list once in a stage,

And sing a song without caring about audience…

I want to learn Guitar and photography,

And act with a gorgeous actress and do kissing scenes . . .

I want to die after seeing face my grandkids,

I want to gift everything,

Keep everyone happy,

And except to see love tear in everyone eyes…

To become a winner

Give more than you want from nature,

Gives more love to whom you love,

But give less pain from whom you get pain in return,

Don’t think to win from someone,

Believe to win hearts of everyone,

Don’t think about destruction,

Believe in gain and construction,

Life isn’t complicated as it looks from outside,

Don’t forget to smile,

And show the world that you are a better man,

Believe in your work,

Follow your dream,

And never give up . . .