To become a winner

Give more than you want from nature,

Gives more love to whom you love,

But give less pain from whom you get pain in return,

Don’t think to win from someone,

Believe to win hearts of everyone,

Don’t think about destruction,

Believe in gain and construction,

Life isn’t complicated as it looks from outside,

Don’t forget to smile,

And show the world that you are a better man,

Believe in your work,

Follow your dream,

And never give up . . .


Enemy of Human

Humanity is now in danger,

war is going to happen,

Where brothers would kill brothers by name of country,

By name of love for motherland…

God doesn’t make any boundary,

Nether make any border,

Sun light gives light to everyone,

No one can stop air,

But we idiot men drag border,

And war against each other to get more and more…

Be a legend

Where Gandhi, Martin Luther king like legend were gone?

The world needs a legend of peace,

World needs a man to whom they follow,

Need a voice which would show a right path to them. . .

Men want to tell story to their children,

about the time they would spend with a legend . . .

This world needs someone to save humanity,

To spared love and prosperity,

Don’t wait for a legend,

Try to be a legend, dream to be a legend,

And do something for mankind…


One day I decided to write something about humanity,

To get practical example I travelled all across the world,

But I didn’t get example of humanity from human,

I found families without love and affection,

Men, who are racing behind money without taking breath,

And can do anything to get profit and wealth,

I found men love to cheat,

And proudly describe how they cheat other,

And more interesting is everyone respect those cheaters . . .

I found some political leader,

who loves terrorism and war and destruction,

Interestingly people follows them,

and gave them power and constitution. . .

At history book we can find some villain got golden place,

Who loved war and invaded over free land,

And killed thousands of men…

Is it humanity?

is the great Alexander really great,

Is Queen Victoria ready deserving some respect,

Who believed in only her country’s interests,

And made other slaves…

Is United States of America is really great,

Is Russia is really deserve any respect,

Think again, we unknowingly put wrong example for our kids,

So beware and save humanity from dirty politic,

And be the man of peace…