My Book is now in paperback

My book ‘ Leader of Millions‘ is now available on paperback edition.

For USA and UK reader

For Indian reader:

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Eclectic Moods: Spotlight: The Revenge Of Gandhi’s Follower by BP Senapati and Durgesh Nandini Das

Spotlight post about my book ‘ The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’

Lets become human again . . .

The world is not having humanity,

Modern but not sensitive,

Knowledgeable but not caring,

Still we disrespect lower grade employees,

Still kids work in hotel and clean dishes,

Some of them even work in companies,

Engage in dangerous work for living,

Still there are people without home,

Still some of us send their parents to old-age home,

Still girls are raped by some insane,

Still you can find kids in orphanage,

And no one is going to adopt them,

 Can we still feel proud as a human…