My Book is now in paperback

My book ‘ Leader of Millions‘ is now available on paperback edition.

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The dream of a common man

I want to win heart of everyone,

I want to travel without visa and restriction,

I want to be citizen of every land,

I want to be a man with golden hearts,

I want to be a perfect husband,
and a lovable dad,

I want to be a cute kid of my parents,

and do a job to get happiness…

its my dream,

maybe it’s the dream of every common man . . .

A struggling writer

I do some odd jobs just because of some money,

But Jobs are boring and killing creativity of mine,

I hate to obey someone’s order,

I hate to restrict myself within the boundary make by other.

Job never gives me satisfaction,

Writing gives me pleaser,

but no enough wealth for bread and butter . . .

Stories satisfy my creativity,

I get claps and appreciation,

But I don’t get money to survive this material Nation…

With empty stomach I write some poem and stories,

Nights after nights passed with some characters,

I narrate my all emotion and imagination in pen and paper,

Without even reading it Publishers send me rejection letters…

Parents want money now,

Girlfriend’s parents need a service,

But who convince my heart,

who has found happiness from stories . . .

I’m an idiot now say my friends,

And I’m a Rascal for my parents,

My classmates now become job holder,

Proudly mention designation of them in Facebook and twitter,

They wear tie and put their company identity card with honor,

Talking about their meeting, targets and workloads,

But still I’m just a struggling writer…

The Dark Age 

The count was only Seventy there, total number of people had survived miraculously after annihilation of the earth, before one year a few scientists had warned the world about an asteroid and possibility of collision but no one had taken any serious steps to prevent it till it came very closer to earth’s atmosphere. There was only one option left to save the earth, the nuclear attack. Just before the asteroid hit the atmosphere almost thousands of nuclear bomb stroke with it, but the result was not impressive. It couldn’t do any significant damage.  The asteroid stroke with the earth’s atmosphere & turned into fire, thousand of flaming rocks thunder toward earth with fire and rumble, when they hit the ground, they detonate like fire bombs,  millions of birds tear into flight. Streets disappear, trees fall and burn in fire, buildings collapsed like a card’s house, fire was everywhere, people were screaming, yelling, running here and there, but all burned and died, electrical lines snap, tsunami created in the ocean and it raced toward the continent with high current, world greatest tsunami sank the land entirely, whatever came on its way was destroyed completely, blanket of dust covered the sunlight, and the day became night. 

 100 days passed away, still the survivors hadn’t seen the sunlight, there was a huge demand of food and drinking water, but there was no plant survived at this atmosphere. Still rocks and ashes fell down from sky, so it was not safe to live in surface, so survivors were made tunnel inside hills, trying to grow plants under the ultraviolet lights. Though it was very hard to survive under tunnel, they were used to it. But there was one problem they were never expected, outside world was changing, evolution again started rapidly, new type of plants, animal, birds were they found after few weeks. Everything was burn to kill other, even gene of existing animal were also modifying in a rapid speed, which was impossible for science. This is the dark age of earth, it’s impossible to survive. . .


Curse of immortality


‘Immorality is eternal life, the ability to live forever,’ said Alex in a conference, he was a fifty year old scientist who recently nominated for Nobel prize in Medicine. ‘we die naturally because of aging and disease. And for me aging is a disease too, just like cancer or ADIS, we can cure it by rejuvenation of a body, So I innovate a Nanotech cellular repairs.’

  Beside Alex there was a video was playing which showed the Nano-mechines which could use for cellular repair.

 ‘This Nanotech machine can give you immortality by repair your cells, minimizing your metabolism and enhance storage capacity of our brain,’ Alex said proudly. ‘Even it has capability to make you an genius, within five years the mankind will become immortal forever.’

He showed an injection to everyone and announced, ‘Immediately is just one step away from you, take this injection and be immortal.’


Population – twenty billion
  Smoky atmosphere, dust green trees, skies were rushed by flights, private jets and short rote airbuses, streets were overcrowded with high-speed trains, cars, enormous buses, humans and robots of different size and shape. Men used filter mask and goggles to protect themselves from toxic air. Food & water were costly, the unemployment rate was high & unproductive works were done by Robots. 

Alex was now 130 years old, looked like he is still in his thirty, few days before his great grand daughter died in a plane crash. His three grandson and almost most of the great grand children were addicted of drugs. Almost every one was genius, so no one was ready to doing labour class work, most of people were behaved like insane, almost everyone could build their own car, own flying machine, own phone, own television by help of robot. There was no nuclear family left because of the huge size of family. It was almost impossible for four generations ( Father, son, grandson and great grandson) to live under one roof. Divorce rate was all time high, crime rate was maximum, and almost no one was happy.

Powerful countries were trying to rule over other countries to get water and food, the mankind was ready for another world war. 

Doctor were almost jobless, including Alex, thought he was a billionaire. He was tired now, didn’t want to live more, but he was immortal. Except accident or suicide he had no option left. So everyday he rode his car manually, searching for death. But still he was alive and many more year he must be alive if he wasn’t lucky like some of his family members . . .