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Waiting to fall in love . . .

I’s serching you outside,

but you entered in the train & sat beside me sudeenly,

I was shocked, I couldn’t believe in my eyes,

You couldn’t even imagine how I felt that time,

My heart beat rapiedly that time,

I wanted to talk with you,

but couldn’t currage to exchange a word with you,

When my eyes fell over your unconvesnal eyes,

I snak in it,  I lost somewhere inside it!

I couldn’t say where,

Its needed sometime to recover,

Lastly I showed some currage,

Currage to say you something,

mght be my all words were nonsence,

but I could able to exchange some words with you at list . . .

I unknowingly touched your finger,

A current passed inside me and made me nurvous,

In front of mine someone insult you,

I couldn’t control over my emotion,

and I protested him with all my strengh,

 you also got back your confident,

And tried to defend your point.

It made me happy,

and I felt like a winner . . .

please come tomorrow, sit beside me,

and give me some love…

I am waiting,

waiting to see you tomorrow,

waiting to see your gorgeous eyes,

And waiting to fall in love….

Friendship vs Revenge

   ‘ Bib, let’s go to the Royal cricket club,’ suggested my best friend Abinash.

  ‘ You know my answer, I’ll never go to that club,’ I replied to him angrily. ‘ I can’t tolerate that man, and he is now the captain there.’ 

 ‘ Come on Bib, he is just one man,’  snapped Abinash. ‘ You don’t need to talk with him personally, and what had happened between you and him was more than ten years old now.’ 

   ‘Sorry, you can go, but I won’t,’ I replied. ‘ I have no mood to see his face, I want to take revenge from him, I want to punish him, nothing else.’

  I hated only one man in my life, the man named was Vikram; he was almost ten years older than me, before ten years I was a skinny boy, I was good in study and only one son of my parents. One day during a match,  I’d a conflict with someone of my team. Vikram took the favor of the other boy and punched my back from behind several times in that hot moment; I couldn’t dare to fight with him openly that time because he was physically much stronger than me. 

   ‘Now, I am a fully grown man, having muscular body. And he would be almost in his late thirty, now I can take my revenge,’ I thought. I was waiting for a chance to take my revenge. At list, I wanted to break his leg.

   ‘ How can you take your revenge, if you go near him and start a fight, he won’t even understand the reason, if you told the actual reason, everyone must think you are a psycho, so it’s time to be his friend, then you will definitely get a chance to take a revenge,’ suggested Abinash intelligently.   I liked Abinash’s idea, so I went to play at the Royal cricket club, I was shocked when Vikram sent me to open batting. I scored well that day, when I returned to home, he joined with us in the middle of the way.

  ‘Bib, do you watch new season of the game of throne?’ Vikram asked in excitement.

   ‘Nope!’ I said carelessly, wasn’t interested to talk to him at all. However, to become a friend with him, I thought to make the conversation little longer. 

  ‘Do you want it? I have collection of the full season,’ he offered me suddenly.  

  It was a great offer; I couldn’t stop my excitement, so I nodded my head, he gave me the whole new season of ‘ Game of throne’.

   I was pleased a little, but I didn’t forget my revenge. I searched a chance to fight with him but most of the time his fun forced me to smile. Lots of time he gifted me movies and songs. I also gave some movies to him in return sometime, one day he invited me to his house. I found lots of books, and some of them were my favorite authors.

   ‘ You can take whatever you want,’ he said and gifted me few books. The man from whom I wanted to take the revenge was now a different man. At my this birth day he gave me a very beautiful picture, even he sent me a beautiful post on my social network. Slowly, we became best buddies, even if there was a huge difference between our age. There was no thought of revenge in my heart now, Friendship of him was so big that there was no place of revenge.

   I learnt something from this; love and friendship are much better than revenge, forgive those who may be doing something wrong with you. Wait, give some time, they will come back and be your friend definitely. 

Painful love

This is not tears, it’s my blood.

  You are the one who is responsible for it.

  You’re the one who has broken my heart, 

and played with my emotions,

  I forgive you, 

but not forget your betrayal,

I don’t want to repeat my mistake,

 Don’t want to fall in love again,

At list not with you….