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My book ‘ Leader of Millions‘ is now available on paperback edition.

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Without innovation mark is meaningless, without creativity knowledge has no value, without vision and goal a man is nothing more than a dead body . Only human can innovative things, discover something, write a book, and create marvelous paintings. By a business idea can give employment to thousands of employee. Try to create or innovative something, if you get success then it’s great. If you become a failure then what’s the big deal? It’s thought of Vijay, he was a man with different thought, he had every symptom of a great man, still he lived with his mediocre dreams to get a job and then marry his childhood sweetheart. After few years of job experience wanted to establish his own business like millions of other, but fate had some different plans. Our corrupt system forced him to enter into the dirty game of politics. He gained power to avenge his antagonists, but being a Gandhian, his strategy was something unusual . . . his revenge wasn’t ordinary . . .

I want you as my better half

I expect you near me when I ‘m in trouble,

At my dining table with my kids,

With my parents when they need…

I dream you in my bed,

Where we love each other whole night,

after close the light,

A bed tea with you every morning,

although we have some fight …

I need a kiss in every morning,

While go to work,

Want to take gift for you to make you laugh . . .

When we’ll become old,

I want a cup of coffee from your hands,

Little love and care,

I want you to play with our gland children,

And also want to see their marriage,

I want to spend my whole life with you,

I want you as my better half . . .

 First review of my book

As a reader I was quite impressed by the beginning “prologue”. A completely different start for a book which will give you few thoughts, lot of positive thinking and once you complete reading you will be thrilled and relaxed.

A young man Jesse author of three books having high aims and would like to be the best writer in the world, eagerly waiting for the release of a new book about the prime minister of India who changed complete vision about India and going to get the Noble prize for peace. The book about the prime Minister is written by Mr.Rakesh who has penned down not less than 30 books as of now. Jesse flips thru the pages to find out the life of the Prime Minister who has sacrificed his life for the improvement of a country. The prime ministers strategy was completely different from others to say the least “A new innovative India”.

The author ( Rakesh ) meets the prime Minister ( Vijay) when he was thirteen years old thru a cricket match. Rakesh was impressed by patience and different approach – about the game of Vijay. Vijay is having no interest in cricket and always let others play the game. His moto in playing cricket is to get satisfaction himself.

Rakesh and Vijay studies in the same school were Vijay’s girlfriend Priya who is a topper in the class. Rakesh is bonding a friendship with Vijay.Vijay’s mother is having great respect in their neighborhood. Vijays father a great follower of Gandhi ( Amok) works as a Govt. servant. Amok a social worker runs a charitable education institution.
Vijay loves reading and Rakesh gave a book about Gandhi. After reading the book Vijay is completely changed about his vision and started few initiatives in the school and surroundings by cleaning, placing dust bins etc.

Vijay never scared or care about the exams and low marks. As per Vijay the knowledge you get thru the education is must not marks.

The author is portraying Vijay as a completely different person as one day the teachers question about the idols was answered differently by Vijay. As per Vijay his idol is the milk man, newspaper vendor. This shows the different version of Vijay about life.

Vijay and Priya love continues and both their parents are accepting their relationship.

Vijay is having a different level of approach on exams and results. Thru Vijay authors are giving different level of thinking on university degrees, question papers and ranks. A quote is saying “dream big, work for it and try to fulfill your dream”. Here the authors are signaling a next level thinking one step ahead. “We have to focus our goal and try to achieve the same”. Here the thinking and look out thru the book is entirely different. The authors mentioned focus to achieve your goal and this will be achieved thru practice. Individual identity is a must. People should identify you thru your personality and not thru any brand of dress you wear.

Thru a discussion between Priya and Vijay the author is mentioning every politician is not corrupted. If we wanted to change the system we have to change our selves.

One incident on a fateful day changes priya and Vijay’s life. Rest of the story is suspense.

The writing style is perfect in this book except in some places it lags and tends to get jerky. The author hasn’t hesitated to expose our country’s system and corruption within government officials. The tenacity of the characters is admirable. This book is a thoroughly engaging work and an absolute page turner. This book is self-contained and teaches us about a thing or two about our countries rules and regulations.

This book is a tale of love and romance and serious look out for the future by young generation, their taste and ambition to lead a healthy life. Really worth to read and value for money. I surely recommend this book for the young generation. The characters in the book are near to the realistic.
‘The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’ is now available Amazon. In

Love is beautiful

Love is beautiful, 

only for them who get success in love.

But success rate is much lower than excepted in real world.

Almost everyone get pain from love,

Look at your surrounding, 

you can find many broken-hearts,

Sometime it kills your self-confident,

Make you week and powerless,

Some become emotionless and wide,

Some become monster and may be a killer,

So choose a right partner for you carefully,

Your heart is precious;

 don’t give it to some idiot…

First interview 

Hi friends, this part has taken from my book ‘ The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’ .The pre-order book is now available at Amazon. Com. It will publish on 7th July.

It was the first interview of Vijay for the job of an accountant. Priya prepared the resume the night before the interview. Everyone suggested him to clean shave and wear a formal outfit.

‘I always keep soft beard, then why will I have to clean shave?’ he rebuked. ‘I always wear jeans and t-shirt. Why will I wear a formal dress and a tie?’

‘It’s the formality and rule that you have to clean shave,’ his father told.

‘Girls like a boy in clean shave,’ her mother added.

He felt it was all rubbish. For him, only Priya’s liking mattered. Priya liked his rugged look a lot. ‘Mom, if a man can be a Prime Minister with beard, why can’t a man get a job with it?’ Vijay argued. He didn’t listen to anyone and went for the interview.

The interviewer looked at him from head to toe, holding Vijay’s resume in his hand. ‘So Mr. Vijay, tell me something about you?’ the interviewer asked.

Vijay couldn’t understand what to answer. He had no idea at all. He was never comfortable with the strangers. He needed time to make friends and feel comfortable. Actually, he was an introvert type of guy. ‘I’m Vijay,’ he said at last with his education qualification.

It was a very short description for the interviewer and he looked dissatisfied. ‘Do you have any experience?’ the interviewer asked him again.

‘No sir. I’m a fresher,’ he answered briefly.

‘But Vijay, we need an experienced person for this job,’ the interviewer shrugged, taking a pause. ‘If we’ll have any vacancies for the fresher, then we’ll inform you later. You may leave now.’

Vijay understood that he was rejected. He walked away, being disappointed, all alone in the road. He didn’t understand what he’d say to Priya who would be waiting for good news. Job was the ticket of marriage for them. He glared at the engagement ring, and he could imagine Priya’s face in it. At that very time, he got Priya’s call but didn’t have the courage to receive it.

Priya understood the situation and didn’t call him again. Instead, she waited for him to return. Vijay returned with a disappointed face in the evening, but nobody even asked him about the interview. Nobody wanted to hurt him.

‘They didn’t even ask me anything from my subject and rejected me,’ he said in a depressing voice. ‘They need an experienced guy. Without any chance how a person would get experience? They asked me to tell about myself; what could have I said about me to them? What would have they gained from my life?’

‘They didn’t want to know about your life. Rather they wanted to test your ability,’ Priya said. ‘They tried to judge you by your communication, English speaking ability, attitude, behavior, knowledge and others.’

‘But can they judge it? If they are so brilliant and can judge people within two minutes, then why are they doing job under someone else? Why they’re not an entrepreneur? Why don’t they start their own business? And why don’t they work for their dream?’ Vijay criticized.

Priya had nothing to say in defense. She too couldn’t understand that how anyone could reject a genius like Vijay. ‘Did the interviewers have no knowledge about genius people?’ thought Priya. The genius people were always different and often looked like an idiot. Majority of them are introvert too, who couldn’t express themselves easily because of communication barriers. But every genius has a vision. They have a different way of dealing with a situation. They can alter an organization’s future, and her Vijay was one of them. Someone said that gold could only be detected by a jeweler but in our country, idiots selected some idiots. They are born to obey orders of others. They had no vision and no fresh idea. Lots of geniuses are forced to work with those idiots in various idiotic atmospheres. Although they have vision and ideas, nobody is ready to hear them. Nobody wants to give freedom to them. A man, who has the ability to be the Managing Director of a company, is also forced to do a minor job in such idiotic environment.

‘But it’s not an easy task to work in an uncooperative atmosphere. Idiots need idiots with clean shave and tie. Good-English-speaking idiots, having minds without any vision and ideas. They need idiots who’ll be ready to sacrifice their life for a company and whom the company can throw out anytime. But those foolish people keep on saying proudly that they are doing job in a corporate house, as if they are the actual owners. Those idiotic interviewers require some unused brains, which they can keep unused for a longer period.’