My Book is now in paperback

My book ‘ Leader of Millions‘ is now available on paperback edition.

For USA and UK reader

For Indian reader:

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The dream of a common man

I want to win heart of everyone,

I want to travel without visa and restriction,

I want to be citizen of every land,

I want to be a man with golden hearts,

I want to be a perfect husband,
and a lovable dad,

I want to be a cute kid of my parents,

and do a job to get happiness…

its my dream,

maybe it’s the dream of every common man . . .

I want you as my better half

I expect you near me when I ‘m in trouble,

At my dining table with my kids,

With my parents when they need…

I dream you in my bed,

Where we love each other whole night,

after close the light,

A bed tea with you every morning,

although we have some fight …

I need a kiss in every morning,

While go to work,

Want to take gift for you to make you laugh . . .

When we’ll become old,

I want a cup of coffee from your hands,

Little love and care,

I want you to play with our gland children,

And also want to see their marriage,

I want to spend my whole life with you,

I want you as my better half . . .

Be a human

Angry, ego, greedy are our master,

These keep us slave forever,

We are so idiot that we never try to free ourselves,

We idiots fight with each other,

by name of country, religion and caste system,

Becoming a terrorist to go to haven,

Kill innocent people by name of God…

No God gives permission to kill men,

No holy scripture is supporting of killing of anyone,

It’s a coward work to kill someone,

Be brave to love everyone,

Feel proud when you won heart of thousand men.

Your caste can’t make you a great human,

But your work can definitely make you immoral.

Your country can’t make you a better man,

But a man can make his country proud and better by his work.

Change yourself and be a human,

Let’s try to do something to make a better world . . .