Love and complications

Do you remember our first date?

Our first kiss and my purpose,

Those days were beautiful times of mine,

Which I can never forget in my life,

That day I’d felt I got my dream partner,

With whom I could spend my whole life in your love…

What happens to us now?

Why our nights don’t pass without a fight?

From where such complication came,

Why we hate each other now….

Still I love you a lot,

I know you love me equally too,

Then why our life become a fight zone,

Where we are fighting each other like an enemy,

I fall love with your smile,

From last few month I have being seeing only your eyes with tear,

I can’t understand what’s wrong I have done,

Please tell me where I ain’t wrong….

I want you as my better half

I expect you near me when I ‘m in trouble,

At my dining table with my kids,

With my parents when they need…

I dream you in my bed,

Where we love each other whole night,

after close the light,

A bed tea with you every morning,

although we have some fight …

I need a kiss in every morning,

While go to work,

Want to take gift for you to make you laugh . . .

When we’ll become old,

I want a cup of coffee from your hands,

Little love and care,

I want you to play with our gland children,

And also want to see their marriage,

I want to spend my whole life with you,

I want you as my better half . . .

Love is beautiful

Love is beautiful, 

only for them who get success in love.

But success rate is much lower than excepted in real world.

Almost everyone get pain from love,

Look at your surrounding, 

you can find many broken-hearts,

Sometime it kills your self-confident,

Make you week and powerless,

Some become emotionless and wide,

Some become monster and may be a killer,

So choose a right partner for you carefully,

Your heart is precious;

 don’t give it to some idiot…

I am in love

I’m waiting for you till,

Although thousand of days passed,

Everyone move forward,

having their own life, 

forgetting you completely,

Like you had never exist.

But I can’t …

I decide to live with your memory,

Decide to live with you for rest of my life,

For some this is madness,

For some I am an idiot,

But they don’t know, 

I am in love . . .

The revenge of Gandhi’s follower

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Book blurb:

 Vijay wasn’t normal, he was a man with different thoughts, he had every symptom of a great man, still he had chosen a simple life. He lived with his mediocre dreams to get a job and then marry his childhood sweetheart. After few years of job experience wanted to establish his own business like millions of other, but fate had some different plans. Our corrupt system forced him to enter into the dirty game of politics. He gained power to avenge his antagonists, but being a Gandhian, his strategy was something unusual . . . his revenge wasn’t ordinary . . . 

In memory of love

I am the man with a dream,  

I dream to fly with you for rest of my life,

  but for you, I’m a boy without planning,

unrealistic and selfish…

 I want to do something for society, 

 to give back something to man-kind,

  But you aren’t the girl, who can understand my feeling, 

 according to you,

you are the only person who has every right to live…

 I want that Man-kind remember my name in future,  

At list miss me once in a year, 

 But for your materialistic mind couldn’t accept this, 

 For you matching and branding dress is important from someone emotion, 

 Without any interest you don’t want to build any relation, 

 Money is everything for you,

 but risk taking is not your option, 

 But I’m the man with a mission and a different Vision….

 I chose a different path to walk, 

You can’t walk with me so you choose a different path,

 I have no issue on that,

But  still I miss you sometime;

 still you are in my heart…

Unsuccessful love story 

I fell in love with you,

although I always knew that you weren’t my type,

not the dream girl I was looking for myself . . .

But love is blind,

Love chose you for me,

The very first day I knew the result,

I knew & understood what the game you were playing,

even I pridited that I would get only pain from you,

still I couldn’t stop myself from the love,

and I loved the girl who broke my heart . . .

The revenge of Gandhi’s follower 

 Education isn’t to mug up the lines in the book & pour them down in the exam paper, adding something new in the book is the actual education….

  In our country brainless interviewer need English speaking idiots having brain without ideas and vision, so Genius are forcing to work like idiots in this idiotic atmosphere….

 Nobody is going to remember your mark, people only remember your work, without innovation mark is meaningless, without creativity knowledge has no value, without vision and goal a man is nothing more than a dead body…

   It’s thought of Vijay, an ordinary man, he wanted to marry his girlfriend after getting a job, after few years of experience, planned to do his own business like millions of other, but destiny had a different plan, our corrupt system and narrow minded society forced him to enter in politics. He gained power to take revenge from his enemies but he’s a Gandhi’s follower, so his revenge wasn’t ordinary…

Note: it will publish on Amazon. Com on 7th July 2017

Lets become human again . . .

The world is not having humanity,

Modern but not sensitive,

Knowledgeable but not caring,

Still we disrespect lower grade employees,

Still kids work in hotel and clean dishes,

Some of them even work in companies,

Engage in dangerous work for living,

Still there are people without home,

Still some of us send their parents to old-age home,

Still girls are raped by some insane,

Still you can find kids in orphanage,

And no one is going to adopt them,

 Can we still feel proud as a human…