My Book is now in paperback

My book ‘ Leader of Millions‘ is now available on paperback edition.

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I want you as my better half

I expect you near me when I ‘m in trouble,

At my dining table with my kids,

With my parents when they need…

I dream you in my bed,

Where we love each other whole night,

after close the light,

A bed tea with you every morning,

although we have some fight …

I need a kiss in every morning,

While go to work,

Want to take gift for you to make you laugh . . .

When we’ll become old,

I want a cup of coffee from your hands,

Little love and care,

I want you to play with our gland children,

And also want to see their marriage,

I want to spend my whole life with you,

I want you as my better half . . .

Love is beautiful

Love is beautiful, 

only for them who get success in love.

But success rate is much lower than excepted in real world.

Almost everyone get pain from love,

Look at your surrounding, 

you can find many broken-hearts,

Sometime it kills your self-confident,

Make you week and powerless,

Some become emotionless and wide,

Some become monster and may be a killer,

So choose a right partner for you carefully,

Your heart is precious;

 don’t give it to some idiot…

Waiting to fall in love . . .

I’s serching you outside,

but you entered in the train & sat beside me sudeenly,

I was shocked, I couldn’t believe in my eyes,

You couldn’t even imagine how I felt that time,

My heart beat rapiedly that time,

I wanted to talk with you,

but couldn’t currage to exchange a word with you,

When my eyes fell over your unconvesnal eyes,

I snak in it,  I lost somewhere inside it!

I couldn’t say where,

Its needed sometime to recover,

Lastly I showed some currage,

Currage to say you something,

mght be my all words were nonsence,

but I could able to exchange some words with you at list . . .

I unknowingly touched your finger,

A current passed inside me and made me nurvous,

In front of mine someone insult you,

I couldn’t control over my emotion,

and I protested him with all my strengh,

 you also got back your confident,

And tried to defend your point.

It made me happy,

and I felt like a winner . . .

please come tomorrow, sit beside me,

and give me some love…

I am waiting,

waiting to see you tomorrow,

waiting to see your gorgeous eyes,

And waiting to fall in love….

Do you believe in love at first sight?

 I can’t forget your unconventinal eyes,

I’ve just met you three times in life,

never exchanged a word,

not even known your name,

I’ve no idea you have ever noticed me or not,

but I think I love you, 

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I see you in me dream,

dream to get your love in my life,

I want to see you again,

but this pain is stopping my feet,

May be you have no idea that I am suffering with back pain,

can’t able to stand without a support,

I’m waiting to free from this pain,

So I can see you again in my life,

see you, and see your gorgeous eyes….