What is education?

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‘I have just scored 2% less and got the second-class mark,’ gasped Ishita, dropping his shoulders. ‘Can you believe my luck?

‘So! What if you have scored 2% more, would you have got the Nobel Prize?’ criticized Vijay. ‘No! You would get nothing. This marksheet is meaningless, and it can’t judge your talent. And still you have two years left to complete your graduation.’

‘You don’t know my parents, they won’t be happy after seeing my marks,’ said Ishita being depressed.

‘May be, but it’s your duty to convince them. If Sachin Tendulkar’s parents would have been angry with him for his academic marks, then he could never have been able to become such a great player. You also know that you aren’t the best student of our college, especially in academics,’ said Vijay. ‘But as all of us, including you know that you are the best anchor of our college. So focus over your strength, not on your weakness. Convince your parents that you want to be the world’s best anchor or a successful television host. Then, you will see that they will also support you.’

Vijay’s words brought a smile on Ishita’s face, and he became the focal point of everyone.

‘But what about me? I have no such talent like Ishita,’ cried Rashmi. ‘Just for three marks … for just three marks, I got the seventh place.’

‘If you would have secured the sixth place, then what would have happened? Would you be eligible to register your name in the history book or awarded the Bharat Ratna,’ teased Vijay. There was a snort of laughter amongst all including Priya and Rashmi. ‘All over India thousands of colleges are there. There are a lot of good students. Don’t waste your energy thinking about your marks; rather focus on yourself and try to determine your inbuilt capabilities. Search something special within you because you are special and there is something that no one can do better than you. Dream big, work for it and try to fulfill your dream.’

Standing beside Priya, he said, ‘Nobody can judge you because of those marks, one of my friends had prepared all the chapters except one and unfortunately a lot of questions came from that particular chapter. And obviously, he was unable to answer a single question. That does not mean that he is not a good student. Our papers are evaluated by different teachers, and it’s natural that their markings would also differ depending upon their moods and interpretations. Then, how can we judge a person from his marks?’

‘Vijay, today’s world is very competitive and nobody remembers a failure,’ Anil, the boy who was third in class and our friend argued again.

‘Who lost in cricket world cup final in 2003?’ Vijay asked.

‘India. Everybody knows it,’ Anil blurted out.

‘See! You know a failure,’ said Vijay coldly. ‘That time our captain was Sourav Ganguly. We consider him as one of the successful captains of India. Can you now say that you don’t know who Sourav Ganguly is?’

‘But how can you deny the importance of marks, Vijay?’ reciprocated Mr Shashank, one of the lecturers, who was standing beside them since a long time and was listening to their conversation, said, ‘Evaluation is necessary for all. Marks evaluate talent of a kid; we can judge a student’s strength and weakness by marks.’

‘Yes sir, evaluation is important; but its work is only to find out errors and weakness of a kid, not to evaluate a kid’s talent,’ argued Vijay. ‘How can we judge a dancer’s talent from his academic abilities? How can we put everyone in a common scale? Some of us are good players, some of us are good in studies; some of us are singers, some are dancers and some may become writer or actor. Then, how can we judge all by a common exam? Can Priya play cricket better than Ashmit (the best player of their class) or can I dance like Anita (the best dancer of their class)? No! Then, how can they score like us in exams? An academic study is only a road which helps us to reach our goal. So don’t think so much about the road. Rather we have to focus on our goal.’

‘Then, what is education according to you?’ the lecturer questioned. ‘Different for different student?’

‘What is education? Whatever we need to learn that help us to attain our goals in life. To be more precise, if any one wants to be a dancer, then his education is dance, and if he can create a new form of dance or new style, then it is his ultimate result,’ said Vijay, the philosopher. He further continued, ‘Our work is our result, not the mark. It isn’t to mug up the lines in the book and pour them down in the exam paper. For me adding something new in the book is the actual result. For me, inventing something is the work of a scientist and how much it helps in the betterment of humans will be the final result of his invention. To write a story is a writer’s job but how much it is liked by the readers will be the result. For me, there are a lot of other subjects rather than merely academic studies. Like proper procedure of catching fish is education, inventing a new dish, painting, learning cycle, swimming also fall under different categories of education.’

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The time jump

The world was changing rapidly; the earth now fully sank inside ocean, almost everyone live inside enormous ships. There was heavy shortage of food, as fishes were found very less in ocean. Before three year there was world war, idiot politician used atomic bomb against each other, thousands of men born and turned into ashes within few seconds, few smaller countries destroyed completely. Atomic bombs increased the temperature of the earth up to many times, all the glossaries of Atlantic melted, the world had experienced the world largest tsunami ever, and that day every continental sank in ocean forever.

Only half a billion survived from that annihilation, now ships were named after the country, China and India had the biggest one. Some country citizen merged and lived together, most of all depended over the Marin foods to survive, money lost its value. Everyone was waiting desperately to settlement of the atmosphere. Scientists were trying to find out a solution to settlement of the atmosphere. Some of them thought about terraforming the earth’s atmosphere to make it normal, but some of them had a different vision.

 Between them one scientist had found an extremely different solution. he thought to jump time up to half a century so that there was no need to struggle, his name was Albox.

  “You want to jump the time of a planet; you want to take the whole earth fifty five year ahead, a brilliant science-fiction undoubtly, but it’s not partially possible,” said the president of united nation. 

  “ And what guaranty that after fifty year this world will have settled  automatically,” argued back Russia’s leader. “ And do you really understand what is the meaning of jump the time? We have to lose our fifty years of time, we may be died or we will have left only some memory, things we would remember as memory would actually nothing more than a story. To whom we say our children actually we won’t give birth them.”

  “Yes, I understand every bit of it, I within fraction of seconds became an older man, may be died when I successfully jump the time, but it’s only solution to end the suffer,” Albox said in defense. “And I can say it fifty years so confidently because I have seen the future.”

  “What! How can you see the future? Do you have some time machine?” asked curiously the president of the united state of America.

  “Yes, I am the one who used the power of thousand nuclear bombs to open of a path to the multiverse, otherwise the mankind completely destroyed, through that multiverse path I connected with few civilization who can now see our future, they even sent me some video evidence of the future.” He played some videos where everyone saw a completely new earth with thousands of plants and animals and few developed cities. “See this is our future after fifty years, a heaven like world which knowingly we have destroyed once, let’s go to the direct to this timeline, our pain and struggle will automatically over, except a bitter memory.”

  “But how can you jump the time of a planet? Can you get any technology from those multiverse civilizations?” asked desperately president of the united nation.

  “I have a theory, I want to open up the path again and then we use dark energy to jump the time as it’s expanding father than light speed,” said Albox excitedly. “Then we can take the earth’s time to anywhere, anytime!”

  “ You can do it even if we don’t give our permission, because we have no play on this, then why you inform us?” asked the president of Russia, looking suspicious.

  “ Because I want to take your permission latter, so it become official, so no one can deny it in future,” said Albox intelligently. Every leader agreed and gave the permission letter to the Albox after a long discussion, with a month Albox succeeded to take the whole earth in to time  travel by help of dark matter and jumpped the time but there was a mistake, instead of future the time went to past and the earth time was now 2017.

So the Albox was now a kid, he had no knowledge about the future, no nuclear war happened or no one signed any letter to jump the time of earth ever . . .

The dream land

‘How could it possible? How could a village with whole population vanish overnight?’ asked Starish to herself.

 It was a village between India and Bangladesh, she had gone to Delhi before three days.  But after coming back she hadn’t even find out any clue about that village.

She hadn’t find out any clue about the village but she found a four way highway, and electric poles which was not before. She was confused more. How can someone made a four way road within two days. She wanted to ask someone to clear her confusion, so she walked toward the border, it was a five kilometers journey.

  The returning journey was amazing, though scary. While returning from Delhi the weather suddenly changed, there was an earthquake in Indian ocean, the center of the earthquake was just few hundred kilometers away, so there was a tsunami and cyclone. So furious that they couldn’t get time to land in Kolkata, to prevent from any accident the pilot flew the plane was up to maximum height, but the worried was not over, that time there was asteroid rain, fire was everywhere, it was too much difficult to fly the plane in a straight line, their connection was cut from the earth, few asteroid damaged the plane badly, and caught the fire, the plane freely fell up to few meters, power system failed, everything became black, no one could see anything up to few minutes, but when the engine stated again everyone found the atmosphere was claimed a little, their was a crash landing, almost everyone enjoyed a little but everyone was alright. 

  That time Starish saw a bus over the road, she stopped the bus, ‘ Can you go up to the Bangladesh border?’ she asked politely.

 The helper looked confused but answered, ‘ No, it’ll go up to Dhaka, but if you want to go to border you have to change your bus from there.’

  ‘ Dhaka? No I want to go up to Bangladesh border?’

  ‘There is no place like Bangladesh,’ this time the helper answered irritatingly. And signaled bus driver to start the bus. It confused Starish, to get the information she searched goggled,  but she couldn’t get Bangladesh from anywhere,  only she found Bengal, the map showed the united Bengal, how it could be possible she had no idea, suddenly her focus was overt the India’s map, which was showing no Pakistan even. She searched the word Pakistan, but didn’t find it also. She understood a little to know about the history she opened the page of Independent of India, she found in 1946 Aug 15 India got the independent from British, the first prime minister was Mahatma Gandhi, and there was two deputy prime-ministers, Jawaharlal Nehur and Muhammad Ali jinnha.  Vallabh Bhai Patel was the home Minister. Gandhi got Nobel prize for the peace in 1947. 

 She thought about her family now, she found her dad phone number between her contact numbers, it was impossible because her father was died at her childhood. She phoned to her dad with trembling hands.

  ‘ My baby, I am missing you too much,’ her dad replied from opposite end. ‘ come soon my boy, I am missing you.’ 

  ‘ Dad, I . . . love you,’ Starish replied in a wet voice and disconnected the phone, tear fell down from her eyes. She now understood that the time line was changed or she was in a parallel universe.

  It must be really difficult to go back to her own time line, but she wasn’t interested to go back, for her this time line was better, where she had her father, where India hadn’t been faced any partition. She searched India’s GDP and found India was the number one country now, won most of the cricket world cup, including 2003 and 1999. She found videos where Sachin Tendulkar and Shoaib Akhtar was part of one team, where Kapil Dev and Imran Khan was playing together lifted 1983 and 1987 world cup proudly. She found India had successfully invented dark matter particles  and researching about how to utilize it for interstellar travels. Now she was really proud to be an Indian . . .

The effect of time line

Rohan had lovable parents, and a beautiful girlfriend but he was not happy, why he had not idea? No one had seen him with a smile form few weeks.
  ‘Why do you always look sad, have I done something wrong?’ Anita asked one day.

  ‘I can’t understand, I feel like. . . I mean . . . I’m missing someone, but to whom, I can’t understand?’ Rohan replied, looking confused. 

  ‘But whom,’ asked Anita surprisingly, taking sometime to think. ‘I can understand, you are missing Sima, after all she was your first love . . .’

  ‘ I am not thinking about Sima,’ he replied annoyingly. ‘The relation between Sima and me was never two sided, so she was never part of my life. I am missing someone, I can’t explain, but I thought Someone is missing from my life.  When I see my old album I can imagine absence of someone, I can hear someone’s joke and laugh but I couldn’t understand whom I am missing,  I have been seen dreams, in those dream I have found someone standing with me in every  situation.’

  ‘ A boy or girl,’ smirked Anita naughty to easy the atmosphere.

   It brought smile on Rohan’s lips, ‘There is no one in your competition,’ he replied, ‘ I see a man in my dream, not any girl.’

  ‘ Man! That’s the big problem,’ again Anita joked. ‘ Do you lost your interest over girl?’ 

  ‘Shut up,’ Rohan snapped, but with a smile.

 ‘ Look, don’t take any dream seriously,’ Anita said calmly. ‘Sometimes it happens, sometimes we see some unknown faces in dreams to whom we have never met in our real life.’

  Rohan looked convinced but not completely, that night he again saw the man in his dream, he heard the man name was Ashis. They were best friends, even he saw Ashis’s parents in that dream. After he woke up he thought about Ashis, he suddenly reminded something, he had a best friend in class three, his name was Ashis, his home was just few meters away from Ashis’s home, both went to school together, but he couldn’t remember why they weren’t friend anymore. At that morning he went straightly near Ashish’s parents. 

  ‘ Where is Ashis?’ He asked them desperately.

  Ashis’s parents looked shocked, ‘Who are you, Rohan?’ Ashis’s father asked, looking surprise. Suddenly Rohan heard sobbing of Ashis’s mother. ‘Don’t you know that Ashis diad at a road accident?  when you both were going to school, you both hit by a truck that day, you survived but my Ashis couldn’t. . .’

  Tear fell down from Ashis’s father’s eyes.  

  ‘ How could he forget all this,’ Rohan asked to himself angrily, he tried to remind the incident but he couldn’t remember anything at all. He found something was awkward, If Ashis had died at childhood how could he feel that Ashis was always present with him. And how could he forget if any accident had happened with him. 

He tried to focus, that night he again saw a dream, He saw Ashis and him were going to school, suddenly something appeared in front of them from nowhere, he had never seen a machine like that, before they could understand anything the machine ran toward them with a great speed and hit them. He was badly wounded but still he had some scenes.

  ‘The future will be changed automatically, I killed Dr Ashis,’ the machine said to someone. ‘ Dr Rohan is still alive, and I am going to kill him too.’

  ‘ No! D . . . don’t kill him, I am his descendent, if you kill him then I’ll never born,’ a shadow figure warned. ‘But you have to modified his memory.’

  A light flashed, Rohan couldn’t see anything more,  he woke up from his dream. 

‘There must be someone changed the time by the time machine,’ he thought, ‘ If I’ll never born a baby then that man who was responsible for death of Ashis would never born,’ he took the decision and sleep.

  ‘ Rohan, get up quickly, we have to go,’ Anita is waiting for us,’ Someone said, Rohan opened his eyes, he found Ashis stood in front of him . He smiled. 

  ‘ Just give me five minutes,’Rohan  told with a smile, yawning slightly. ‘ you have to purpose Anita today if you really want to get her love, you will never get such a beautiful chance in future.’ 

  ‘ I am little nervous,’ Ashis said nervously. ‘ Will she accept my love?’

  ‘ Why not? You are the handsome most man of our college,’ said Ashis encouragingly. ‘ She will definitely accept your love.’

The time was changed now, Anita became Ashis’s girlfriend, Rohan was never married, even he had no knowledge that Anita would be his girlfriend if Ashis was not there . For him the time was never changed . . .

Interstellar, a Jorney to Serious star.



  Scientists of Nasa could make an interstellar spacecraft which could travel faster up to 99.999 time of light before one year. The first destination was Serious star which was 8.6 light-years away. And due to time dilation factor, it was calculated to be reached there at 14 days. 

  ‘Our aim is to find out a habitat planet inside our galaxy,’ Arnold Freeman, the captain of the mission told to his other two crew members. ‘ And first aim was Serious Star, because most of the mythology indicates Serious Star as habitat of God. So let’s find out  what is actually there.’  

  The journey started with an end of negative countdown, the interstellar detached from international space habitat and within few seconds vanished from eyes.

   After fifteen days

  Two sun-like stars were in the sky, but not glistening like our sun. The interstellar saw a blue planet, much larger than the earth,  Arnold freeman landed over a hill by a rover, everywhere looked green because of millions of kiss-sky height trees, forests were dense, multi-layered and harbor many types of plants and animals. Trees had large rounded trunk with lots of branches, unnaturally tall; some were more than four hundred feet. Due to plenty of food, oxygen-rich atmosphere and proper condition, the sizes of everything were bigger; lions were more than 1500 pounds; birds looked like hunt animal; elephants were sized of a Mammoth, eve the size of deer  was created scare in heart.  After few miters Arnold found a human, height was up to ten feet. The man told something in a different language which Arnold couldn’t understand at all.

  Arnold grinned and asked, ‘What the place it is?’ 

 The man looked shocked. ‘Indiana,’ he replied shortly and flew away by his mechanical wings. He found lots of men flying in sky by different types of mechanical wings, and most of them came out and entered inside the hill through some narrow passages.. He also entered inside the hill and found a highly developed city inside the hill, including hundreds of house and streets but one think shocked Arnold, he found one man, looked like his father and his son, who almost reminded him his own childhood face, he followed them and he found the man’s wife also looked liked his mother too. 

  ‘What is the name of this orbit ?’ Arnold asked someone desperately.The man looked at him with amazement. ‘ Are you really from Serious stat?’ He asked with amazement. ‘ This is earth!’


The Antivirus


  Alex was a scientist. He had a concept over dark matter, a concept which would change every scenario of today’s science.  However, one day, he read his concept in an article; he was shocked, it was written by some scientist of China. He thought it must be a coincident, but it was really supposing for him when he read his theory on television, the man was from Argentina.  He though must be someone hacking his computer, but he had Vx antivirus. How could anyone hack his computer? He thought to read about Vx antivirus on Google. He found Vx antivirus was made by Vikrant, a twenty-one year man. Three years passed but still no  one could hack the computer protected by Vx, now dominating the market with seventy-two share. Vikrant was also a great writer, a physician. Last year, he could publish twelve best-selling novels.   

‘ How can anyone write twelve novel within one year? That means one novel in one month,’ he thought.

He read every book written by. Vikant. Most of the book written by Vikrant was complicated, needing a lot of time and research. ‘ It’s impossible to a human to write those kinds of books in one year.’   Now he had a concept, definitely Vx antivirus must be a spy; it’s actual aim is to hack ideas or concepts because in this world, the most valuable thing is idea. 

The impossible

‘The nature is always trying to make  better species, evolution, the word we use to describe this phenomena. So it’s natural. If we can fly by genetic engineering then why we don’t even try, imagine a world where everyone is a genius, where everyone having super human strength. Where we all have power like super speed, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy. Then we don’t need machine for communication, we don’t need anything to travel, we don’t need anything to fly,  we can do everything within fraction of time, just imagine if we can improve you brain then why we won’t do it, imagine a world where everyone is genius, where everyone has a longer life, just imagine what the world it Would be,’ a scientist said in a conference.
  The government was ruled by a young president, who was known for taking risk. The permission was given to improve human genetics, more than hundred genetically modified kid were  developed inside laboratory,  everyone had tremendous power, superhuman strength, most of them could run father than sound, most of them could teleportation, most of them could use telepathy. Could telekinesis, with a healing power, almost immortal. The experiment was undoubtedly successful but there was one problem, the problem was food and water, those hundred had taken food of ten thousand men, their body growth were unnatural within one year they were reached a height of ten feet, required food more than one lacks. Those adult were fell in love,  married with each other and given birth too, four or five in one time and three time in a year, within just two years their population reached up to one thousand. And they were taking food of one million.

  That was really beyond imagination, mankind understood the situation was out of hand now, they decided to end this project and kill all, but those were ready for the war. All of them had supper human powers, even they made their own nuclear weapons and army of robots. It’s impossible to win against them and if they would win then it would become impossible to survive for mankind. Wait to read the result.

A new concept of mine . . .

The Dark Age 

The count was only Seventy there, total number of people had survived miraculously after annihilation of the earth, before one year a few scientists had warned the world about an asteroid and possibility of collision but no one had taken any serious steps to prevent it till it came very closer to earth’s atmosphere. There was only one option left to save the earth, the nuclear attack. Just before the asteroid hit the atmosphere almost thousands of nuclear bomb stroke with it, but the result was not impressive. It couldn’t do any significant damage.  The asteroid stroke with the earth’s atmosphere & turned into fire, thousand of flaming rocks thunder toward earth with fire and rumble, when they hit the ground, they detonate like fire bombs,  millions of birds tear into flight. Streets disappear, trees fall and burn in fire, buildings collapsed like a card’s house, fire was everywhere, people were screaming, yelling, running here and there, but all burned and died, electrical lines snap, tsunami created in the ocean and it raced toward the continent with high current, world greatest tsunami sank the land entirely, whatever came on its way was destroyed completely, blanket of dust covered the sunlight, and the day became night. 

 100 days passed away, still the survivors hadn’t seen the sunlight, there was a huge demand of food and drinking water, but there was no plant survived at this atmosphere. Still rocks and ashes fell down from sky, so it was not safe to live in surface, so survivors were made tunnel inside hills, trying to grow plants under the ultraviolet lights. Though it was very hard to survive under tunnel, they were used to it. But there was one problem they were never expected, outside world was changing, evolution again started rapidly, new type of plants, animal, birds were they found after few weeks. Everything was burn to kill other, even gene of existing animal were also modifying in a rapid speed, which was impossible for science. This is the dark age of earth, it’s impossible to survive. . .


Curse of immortality


‘Immorality is eternal life, the ability to live forever,’ said Alex in a conference, he was a fifty year old scientist who recently nominated for Nobel prize in Medicine. ‘we die naturally because of aging and disease. And for me aging is a disease too, just like cancer or ADIS, we can cure it by rejuvenation of a body, So I innovate a Nanotech cellular repairs.’

  Beside Alex there was a video was playing which showed the Nano-mechines which could use for cellular repair.

 ‘This Nanotech machine can give you immortality by repair your cells, minimizing your metabolism and enhance storage capacity of our brain,’ Alex said proudly. ‘Even it has capability to make you an genius, within five years the mankind will become immortal forever.’

He showed an injection to everyone and announced, ‘Immediately is just one step away from you, take this injection and be immortal.’


Population – twenty billion
  Smoky atmosphere, dust green trees, skies were rushed by flights, private jets and short rote airbuses, streets were overcrowded with high-speed trains, cars, enormous buses, humans and robots of different size and shape. Men used filter mask and goggles to protect themselves from toxic air. Food & water were costly, the unemployment rate was high & unproductive works were done by Robots. 

Alex was now 130 years old, looked like he is still in his thirty, few days before his great grand daughter died in a plane crash. His three grandson and almost most of the great grand children were addicted of drugs. Almost every one was genius, so no one was ready to doing labour class work, most of people were behaved like insane, almost everyone could build their own car, own flying machine, own phone, own television by help of robot. There was no nuclear family left because of the huge size of family. It was almost impossible for four generations ( Father, son, grandson and great grandson) to live under one roof. Divorce rate was all time high, crime rate was maximum, and almost no one was happy.

Powerful countries were trying to rule over other countries to get water and food, the mankind was ready for another world war. 

Doctor were almost jobless, including Alex, thought he was a billionaire. He was tired now, didn’t want to live more, but he was immortal. Except accident or suicide he had no option left. So everyday he rode his car manually, searching for death. But still he was alive and many more year he must be alive if he wasn’t lucky like some of his family members . . .