Friendship vs Revenge

   ‘ Bib, let’s go to the Royal cricket club,’ suggested my best friend Abinash.

  ‘ You know my answer, I’ll never go to that club,’ I replied to him angrily. ‘ I can’t tolerate that man, and he is now the captain there.’ 

 ‘ Come on Bib, he is just one man,’  snapped Abinash. ‘ You don’t need to talk with him personally, and what had happened between you and him was more than ten years old now.’ 

   ‘Sorry, you can go, but I won’t,’ I replied. ‘ I have no mood to see his face, I want to take revenge from him, I want to punish him, nothing else.’

  I hated only one man in my life, the man named was Vikram; he was almost ten years older than me, before ten years I was a skinny boy, I was good in study and only one son of my parents. One day during a match,  I’d a conflict with someone of my team. Vikram took the favor of the other boy and punched my back from behind several times in that hot moment; I couldn’t dare to fight with him openly that time because he was physically much stronger than me. 

   ‘Now, I am a fully grown man, having muscular body. And he would be almost in his late thirty, now I can take my revenge,’ I thought. I was waiting for a chance to take my revenge. At list, I wanted to break his leg.

   ‘ How can you take your revenge, if you go near him and start a fight, he won’t even understand the reason, if you told the actual reason, everyone must think you are a psycho, so it’s time to be his friend, then you will definitely get a chance to take a revenge,’ suggested Abinash intelligently.   I liked Abinash’s idea, so I went to play at the Royal cricket club, I was shocked when Vikram sent me to open batting. I scored well that day, when I returned to home, he joined with us in the middle of the way.

  ‘Bib, do you watch new season of the game of throne?’ Vikram asked in excitement.

   ‘Nope!’ I said carelessly, wasn’t interested to talk to him at all. However, to become a friend with him, I thought to make the conversation little longer. 

  ‘Do you want it? I have collection of the full season,’ he offered me suddenly.  

  It was a great offer; I couldn’t stop my excitement, so I nodded my head, he gave me the whole new season of ‘ Game of throne’.

   I was pleased a little, but I didn’t forget my revenge. I searched a chance to fight with him but most of the time his fun forced me to smile. Lots of time he gifted me movies and songs. I also gave some movies to him in return sometime, one day he invited me to his house. I found lots of books, and some of them were my favorite authors.

   ‘ You can take whatever you want,’ he said and gifted me few books. The man from whom I wanted to take the revenge was now a different man. At my this birth day he gave me a very beautiful picture, even he sent me a beautiful post on my social network. Slowly, we became best buddies, even if there was a huge difference between our age. There was no thought of revenge in my heart now, Friendship of him was so big that there was no place of revenge.

   I learnt something from this; love and friendship are much better than revenge, forgive those who may be doing something wrong with you. Wait, give some time, they will come back and be your friend definitely. 


The important of love

What is love?

For some love is dream,

for some love is life,

But love is just a small part of our big life,

nobody cares, you are sucessed in love or not,

 how many girls have rejected​ you in life,

But everyone care about your work,

at the end, people will judge you by your achievement,

your friendly nature,

 & what you have given to the society . . .

Don’t break down,

 if you don’t get love of your life,

Just do your work..

You can’t even imagine,

how many girl will fall in love after saw your work…

How to know a man loves you or not?

‘I don’t want to stay with him, he has no time for me,’ Anita complained, resting her luggage over the floor.  ‘He loves only money; he has no feeling for me.’

Anita was complaining about her husband.

‘What? How can you say it?’ said Anita’s father, defending his son-in-law. ‘He is going to start a new company, so it would be a busy time for him.’

‘Can’t he just give five minutes to me every day? No dad, he isn’t doing anything for me, for him only money is important,’ argued back Anita and entered inside her room. Her father didn’t want to argue more, so he signaled his young daughter Sima to convince Anita.

Anita sat over her bed, looking depress; Sima went and sat beside her. ‘Don’t try to lecture me, you don’t even imagine what’s going on in my life,’ Anita warned.

‘Nope, I don’t come to talk about your family issue, you are more mature than me, you can handle everything beautifully, take your own time.’

She prepared to leave, suddenly stopped and said, ‘let’s go somewhere, I’m going outside, why you don’t come with me?’ she suggested to her sister. Anita wasn’t interested but Sima insisted a lot and took Anita to restaurant.

The restaurant was small but beautiful, while they were waiting for their order a young man came near them. Anita marked a big smile on Sima’s lips.

The young man came and hugged Sima with a big smile.

‘Hi  . . . if I’m not wrong, you are Anita, Sima’s sister,’ the young man guessed.

‘Rahul, my boyfriend,’ whispered Sima in Anita’s ear.

Anita grinned and invited Rahul to join with them.  ‘Isn’t your plan to convince me first? So that you can get my support to convince dad,’ Anita muttered.

Sima nodded her head with a smile, blushing. To hide her excitement she pretended to worry about their order.

That time Anita found an old man glancing at an old woman intensely, the old woman said something, blushing like a teen age girl. She liked the chemistry between them. It reminded her about her college life and her love story.

‘They are my parents,’ Rahul told, and brought his parents near Anita and Sima, both girl bowed her head in classic Indian style.  Rahul’s father signaled something by his hand in a sign language, looking excited.

‘He’s saying, nice to meet you,’ Rahul’s mother translated.

Anita shocked; she understood that Rahul’s father couldn’t speak.

‘You won’t even imagine, my parents’ marriage was a love marriage, it might be the first love marriage after the Independent.’ Rahul said after his father went inside the kitchen room to bring something special for them.

‘Those times love wasn’t so demanding,’ added Rahul’s mother. ‘We couldn’t meet every day, we had no chance to talk, and it wasn’t possible by him too.’

‘How had he purposed you?’ Anita asked in amazement.

‘Purpose, what it is? He’d never purposed me,’ Rahul’s mom replied.

‘How you knew about his feeling, I mean, how he told you ‘I love you?’

‘Men, can speak or not, isn’t good in expressing their love, you can find it in their eyes, look how he glanced at me it’s love, when he gifts me something, when he cares me, it’s his love,’ said Rahul’s mom romantically. ‘Look at this hotel, it’s his dream, he’s has spent more than fifteen years of his saving to build it but named it by my name, its love, doesn’t it?’

Anita was amazed, she read the hotel name at the time of return, and the hotel name was Gita. She thought and thought about her husband, she could now see lot of love for her in her husband’s eyes, she understood she had done a mistake, she went near her husband, she found her husband was waiting for her desperately.

‘Where had you gone? You phone was showing unreachable, I was worried,’ he said worriedly, checking her body temperature by his palm.

She understood her husband hadn’t slightest idea about her anger. ‘Nowhere, Just went to meet with my dad,’ she said, glancing at the clock. ‘Why did you come so early?’

‘Oh! My company got the certificate, within few days it will be listed at stock market,’ he said excitingly, taking a deep breath. ‘Just need a good shower, be ready, today we go for a dinner and movie,’ he added before entering inside the bathroom.


Anita looked amazed and happy. That time her eyes fell over a file, ‘Anita consultancy service’ wrote over it. she couldn’t stop her happy tear now,  it  fell down from her eyes . . .

Author Aiman parween – Interview

Hello, everyone! We have something very exciting on the bolg today- an interview with debutant author Aiman. Her book, Her wounds hurts him, makes it’s good debut soon. 

Tell a bit about yourself and your writing?

I’m a 18 year old small town girl, now pursuing 12th. I don’t have much hobbies I just like reading books and I have very much interested to read love stories. One day my father was watching a program of Shayaris and I felt bore after sometime. ‘ What the hell you are watching,’ I told. ‘ Anyone could write this.’ My father told if anyone could write then go and write.’ So from that day I just decided to write, I started with writing two line poems first, ,from then line kept on increasing as I grew up. Over Facebook I saw group of people writing some stories about two characters of Osho and I thought I should also try and everyone liked it. So I kept on writing, my short story collection kept going on. One day I was just surfing the net and I found Kindle self publishing, I thought why not publish my two short stories, I found a positive respond. It encouraged me to write this novel. 

What is your book name? And tell us something about it?

My book’sname is ‘ HER WOUNDS HURT HIM’ . It’s a love story about two people who suffered together, who fought together, who won together but never stayed together. 

When someone gets raped, society torture her, all family torture her but in life every accident is just an accident, it can’t decide our future, so rape is also just an accident, don’t overrate it. If someone is fighting against it she should fight with provide. There are two main characters, Dani and Akash and the bad guy is About, so let’s see what these trio do. 


 Sound like a dark love story?

Life is full of darkness, it’s your choice there we found the light.

Is your character based on anyone you know?

  No, it’s not based on anyone, it’s just an imagination.

How did you come of with the idea?

I was talking to a friend and she was telling me about I am good at writing and I should write something bigger. Suddenly I came up with this idea, it was just a that lucky movement when you get the idea.

What a reader will get from your book?

It’s completely depend on an individual what he will get from the book, because it has romance, it has tragedy, it has drama. It has a motive that we shouldn’t just fighting back, we should fight back with proud. 

Where shall we find your book and what is your publishing date?

  It’s published by Blue Rose publication and it will be around the last week of April, You can find my book in any online store like Amazon, flipkart, kobo, Ibooks, Snap deal and shopclues. 

Reader can keep up with me via my –

The impossible

‘The nature is always trying to make  better species, evolution, the word we use to describe this phenomena. So it’s natural. If we can fly by genetic engineering then why we don’t even try, imagine a world where everyone is a genius, where everyone having super human strength. Where we all have power like super speed, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy. Then we don’t need machine for communication, we don’t need anything to travel, we don’t need anything to fly,  we can do everything within fraction of time, just imagine if we can improve you brain then why we won’t do it, imagine a world where everyone is genius, where everyone has a longer life, just imagine what the world it Would be,’ a scientist said in a conference.
  The government was ruled by a young president, who was known for taking risk. The permission was given to improve human genetics, more than hundred genetically modified kid were  developed inside laboratory,  everyone had tremendous power, superhuman strength, most of them could run father than sound, most of them could teleportation, most of them could use telepathy. Could telekinesis, with a healing power, almost immortal. The experiment was undoubtedly successful but there was one problem, the problem was food and water, those hundred had taken food of ten thousand men, their body growth were unnatural within one year they were reached a height of ten feet, required food more than one lacks. Those adult were fell in love,  married with each other and given birth too, four or five in one time and three time in a year, within just two years their population reached up to one thousand. And they were taking food of one million.

  That was really beyond imagination, mankind understood the situation was out of hand now, they decided to end this project and kill all, but those were ready for the war. All of them had supper human powers, even they made their own nuclear weapons and army of robots. It’s impossible to win against them and if they would win then it would become impossible to survive for mankind. Wait to read the result.

A new concept of mine . . .

The Dark Age 

The count was only Seventy there, total number of people had survived miraculously after annihilation of the earth, before one year a few scientists had warned the world about an asteroid and possibility of collision but no one had taken any serious steps to prevent it till it came very closer to earth’s atmosphere. There was only one option left to save the earth, the nuclear attack. Just before the asteroid hit the atmosphere almost thousands of nuclear bomb stroke with it, but the result was not impressive. It couldn’t do any significant damage.  The asteroid stroke with the earth’s atmosphere & turned into fire, thousand of flaming rocks thunder toward earth with fire and rumble, when they hit the ground, they detonate like fire bombs,  millions of birds tear into flight. Streets disappear, trees fall and burn in fire, buildings collapsed like a card’s house, fire was everywhere, people were screaming, yelling, running here and there, but all burned and died, electrical lines snap, tsunami created in the ocean and it raced toward the continent with high current, world greatest tsunami sank the land entirely, whatever came on its way was destroyed completely, blanket of dust covered the sunlight, and the day became night. 

 100 days passed away, still the survivors hadn’t seen the sunlight, there was a huge demand of food and drinking water, but there was no plant survived at this atmosphere. Still rocks and ashes fell down from sky, so it was not safe to live in surface, so survivors were made tunnel inside hills, trying to grow plants under the ultraviolet lights. Though it was very hard to survive under tunnel, they were used to it. But there was one problem they were never expected, outside world was changing, evolution again started rapidly, new type of plants, animal, birds were they found after few weeks. Everything was burn to kill other, even gene of existing animal were also modifying in a rapid speed, which was impossible for science. This is the dark age of earth, it’s impossible to survive. . .