My ego

  Before fifteen year I had a fight with Kabina, he was a fat boy those days, around more than 200 pound, that time I’s in class nine, the reason I couldn’t remember now, but I remembered at fight he’d used some offensive language for me, so from last fifteen year I had stopped the conversation with him. I hatred him, so much that I even avoided the place where I’d face him. One day he had an accident, every common friends of us went to see him to hospital, even they called me but I didn’t go, for me Kabina wasn’t existing anymore. few days after Kabina backed from hospital, everyone was happy but might be I’s not. I wanted to see him with problem, I wanted to see him with suffer & pain. 

  Few month passed, One day I heard that Kabina’s was serious, due to that accident some blood clotted in his brain, it’d a huge expenses for operation and there was no guarantee for his survive. So his parents decided to leave him in the hand of god.after hearing this also my heart wasn’t melted, some of my friends advised me to go and see Kabina.

  ‘Who is Kabina?’ I answered them back. 

  Everyone was shocked, all tried to teach me humanity, but I’s rigid, my decision wasn’t changed, my heart wasn’t melt  Few more year passed after the accident, I went outside for doing my higher studies and job, after few years I’s decided to do something my one in my home town, so I came back. 

    One day I’s going to market with one of my friend, one skinny boy stopped me in the way. 


  ‘Give me five rupees, please,’ the skinny boy requested.

  I’s going to give but my friend stopped me.

  ‘Go, no one will give you anything,’ my friend bellowed. The skinny boy walked away with a heavy face without saying anything. I didn’t like the behavior of my friend.

  ‘Why do you stop me to give money to that poor man?’ I asked to my friend at a annoying voice.

  ‘Don’t you recognise him, he is Kabina,’ he replied, ‘he has became half insane after the accident, according to doctor he’ll not alive up to six month if he eats pan Masala any more.  He must purchase cigarette or pan Masala if you had given money to him.’

  My eyes were with verge with tear for the man to whom I hatred always, my friends told me lots of things about him, telling about his suffering and pain. I couldn’t be an animal again, my eyes searched Kabina desperately. I found him to begged some money from other, my ego, my hatred also vanished from that moment. I prayed for his lif near God, I couldn’t sleep that night. 

  ‘ How can be I became so rude, don’t I have a heart,’ I snapped over myself all the night.

  The next day he again stopped me on the way. ‘Bibhuti…., give me five rupees please,’ he requested again.

  A smile flashed in my face because he still remembered my name, suddenly I felt lot of pain in my heart for his condition, ‘Friend, I’ll don’t give you money,’ I said and walked away.

 He looked unhappy again, Ididn’t give him money for his health,  for our friendship, for some good memory of our school time, I realized it too late, that life is uncertain, so there is no place for revenge, who knows what will happen with you tomorrow…


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