Creative Mind

I’m a man of errors, how many mistakes I’ve done in my life I couldn’t even count, I am such an idiot that if I write one page I will make more than thirty mistakes. I can’t even write error free without MS-word or Google keyboard. I still try to make me better and it will continue whole life…

I was in MBA and wanted to be a businessman and even had started a business while I was in second semester. But I couldn’t have succeeded due to not giving sufficient time personally and some wrong decisions. I lost my all saving and lost some investment of my friends. I was depressed, lonely. I have no idea how and and when I had taken writing seriously. Though I had been writing stories and poems while I was in school. Before two years I have self-published my two books which wasn’t given my satisfactory results, but my last self -published had given my glimpse of some success and I had earned a little. It has given me self confident. Still I have taken my first three books as my learning process.

My book ‘ The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’ is now publish on

Your magical touch

Pain and suffer

friends with me form last few years

Smile vanished from life

and happiness disappeared

I couldn’t except from loneliness’s hug,

Money didn’t want to stay near me

as loan became my companion,

I was struggling in grab of starving,

mind clouded with negative thoughts

love break up with me

 and I break up with job

secretly kill all of my emotions,

Turned in to a heartless man…

It’s took years to recover to gather my soul,

Me become myself with lots of efforts,

Everything was possible by your magical touch,

You healed my heart and feel it with emotions,

When I fall in love with you,

 I don’t even know …

Love heals

Love me, kiss me

Make me your,

I want some peace,

Few minutes sleep,

Some minutes of salvation,

Before I jump again to my mission.

I am tired to fit myself in this material world,

tired to ran before money and fame,

and become part of this emotionless race.

Love me and make me your,

Romance with me,

and gift life to this robot.

Let’s love each other

and start a family

without you again I’ll turn in to a machine,

heal my soul

and make me a human again,

bring back my smile

I want to laugh again,

Let’s start a new life

As husband and wife

Spend few days as human

before turn in to a machine again…

My Love

I couldn’t stop myself imagine
your pictures always stay in my eyes,
you entered in my life like a storm,
before even I know I fell in love . . .
I can do anything,
to protect you from any throne,
as pain of your is pain of mine now,
you rub my heart with just one smile,
from crush you became my fiancée,
it’s still seemed like a dream.
Within few days you become my wife,
and slowly you turn into my life,
I might never say ‘I love you’ properly
But my love I love you a lot,
You might believe it or not . . .

Still I love you


You broke my heart,

You broke my heart like a piece of glass,

For you I’m not so smart,

I’m the one to whom you can’t show to your friends,

My dressing scene is not so good,

I don’t wore any premium brand,

So you keep me as your time pass…


If I love a tighter then also I can surely make it my pet,

make a monster as my friend,

But I couldn’t win your heart…

and became a emotionless man,

Now I’m girls’ hunter,

Who loves to give pain and tear,

who loves when a girl sobs,

Who celebrates win after breaking a heart. 

Congratulation, for making me an emotionless man . . .


Failure in love has broken me from inside,

It has killed me almost,

Still I can’t forgot her,

still I sob for her,

Still I could hear her words which she used to insult me,

Still I could hear her poisonous spell,

And those words which give me pain

but the problem is still I love you,

Still I love the girl, who never loves me,

Who broke my heart like I’m a nothing…

Who are in love . . .

Love is painful

Terrible, horrible, scary

For those

Whose get failure in love

Love is waste if time

Injurious and dangerous

Whose don’t get the love.

Love is a slow poison

Whose marry their love

Don’t believe me

Ask them who are in love.

Opposites attract

I am a Desi boy,





a small town guys

to whom according to you

 a crazy.

You are the selfie girl,



and flirty,

with tattoos

you look sexy

We are different

Everyone knows it

Still Desi boy and selfie girl fall in love


They even don’t know it.

In love after the break up

No one had seen me with a smile

after we broke up

I was a small-town man

for whom love means

staying together forever.

Whose fault it was

still I can’t get an answer

I don’t know the reason

why suddenly I became possessive

or why you scarified my love

for happiness of your parents

 and became a cheater.

But I know still you love me

and I love you too

although we both know

We can’t now ever together.