Creative Mind

I’m a man of errors, how many mistakes I’ve done in my life I couldn’t even count, I was so idiot that if I write one page I will make more than thirty mistakes. I can’t even write error free without MS-word or Google keyboard. I still try to make me better and it will continue whole life…

I was in MBA and wanted to be a business before five years, and even had started a business while I was in second semester.But I couldn’t have succeeded due to not giving sufficient time personally and some wrong decisions. I lost my all saving and lost some investment of my friends. I was depressed, lonely. I have no idea how and and when I had taken writing seriously. Though I had been writing stories and poems while I was in school.Before two years I have self-published my two books which wasn’t given my satisfactory results, but my last self -published had given my glimpse of some success and I had earned a little.It has given me self confident. Still I have taken my first three books as my learning process.

My book ‘ The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’ is now publish on eBook addition on http://www.amazon.com. The paperback will publish soon.





The sky was clean and beautiful,

You were over the terrace,

Wind was blowing from south pleasantly and playing with your hair,

You were adjusting your hair by your fingers

blushing & putting it behind your ear,

Glancing toward me by corner of your eyes,

Acting like, you had no idea why I’s staring at you.

But you couldn’t control over your expression,

Your mouth became oval shapes after seeing me,

And your eyes told me that you were attracted toward me,

And you were in love . . .

Two side of love

Words are not sufficient to express any love story,

The feeling between two people is much more complicated,

Which no one could portrait it on pen and paper.

If any writer can try up to one fourth,

also get easily the award of man booker…

Love is a medicine which gives energy to a man,

Motivate a man to do something in life,

But don’t forget,

love is a poison which can kill someone’s heart.

The memory of love

Love is like a rainbow,

Which appears in sky for a little time . . .

Beautiful with some extraordinary feeling,

but disappear without any warning .

Still it’s the most colorful and amazing moment of a man’s life.

A man always remembers his love and those moment forever,

And describes the story of his love in front of friends just like a great writer…

The girl with broken heart

I follow behind you,

like a dog follows behind its master,

For me its my love,

But for your point of view I’m an idiot . . .

I dream to spend my whole life with you,

I pray to God to get your love,

But for you I’m just another boy,

Who lost in your beauty, and just a crush . . .

You just want to keep me blind,

so you show yourself as caring and kind,

you want to keep me in illusion of your beauty,

But for me, your happiness is my duty . . .

Someone had broken your heart before few years,

Failure in love was made you a monster,

Take revenge from men became your mission,

play with hearts is your only intention . . .


I decide to write my thought in paper one day,

But I can’t any subject,

After thought a lot I found a subject,

I want to write something about humanity,

But I don’t get example of humanity from human,

I found we live in a world where people obey laws,

Because of scare from punishment.

I found families without love and affection,

Men who were racing behind money without taking breath,

And can do anything to get profit wealth.

I found human loves to cheat each other,

And proudly say how they cheat other,

More interesting was everyone respecting those cheaters,

I found some political leader,

who loves terrorism and war and destruction,

Interestingly people loved them,

and gave them power and constitution.

At history book we found some villain got golden place,

Who loved war and invaded over free land,

And killed thousands of men…

Is it humanity?

is the great Alexander really great?

Is Queen Victoria ready deserving some respect?

Who believed in only her country’s interests,

And made other slaves…

Think again,

we unknowingly put wrong example for our kids,

So beware and save humanity from politic,

And be the man of peace…

The dream of a common man

I want to win heart of everyone,

I want to travel without visa and restriction,

I want to be citizen of every land,

I want to be a man with golden hearts,

I want to be a perfect husband,
and a lovable dad,

I want to be a cute kid of my parents,

and do a job to get happiness…

its my dream,

maybe it’s the dream of every common man . . .

A man with diffident thoughts

I ‘m not crazy for branded cloths and shoes,

I don’t want a super bike,

I don’t want a car and a house with every luxurious facilities.

I don’t want a job in multinational company,

Or a government job and a secure life.

I don’t want a life without struggle,

and risk free life.

I don’t want to part of an easy race,

Where everybody is going to win.

I can’t claim that I ‘m best in anything,

But I’ll definitely try to give my best in everything,

And one day I ‘ll prove to the world that,

What is the actual meaning of win.