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I’m a man of errors, how many mistakes I’ve done in my life I couldn’t even count, I was so idiot that if I write one page I will make more than thirty mistakes. I can’t even write error free without MS-word or Google keyboard. I still try to make me better and it will continue whole life…

I was in MBA and wanted to be a business before five years, and even had started a business while I was in second semester.But I couldn’t have succeeded due to not giving sufficient time personally and some wrong decisions. I lost my all saving and lost some investment of my friends. I was depressed, lonely. I have no idea how and and when I had taken writing seriously. Though I had been writing stories and poems while I was in school.Before two years I have self-published my two books which wasn’t given my satisfactory results, but my last self -published had given my glimpse of some success and I had earned a little.It has given me self confident. Still I have taken my first three books as my learning process.

Now I am ready to publish my book ‘ The revenge of a Gandhi’s follower’ in both paperback and eBook addition after two long silent years…


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The real world . . .

Social networking is good to connect with friends,

But there is a big world outside,

Look at your around,

You find lots of people,

Who lives near your house,

With whom you have never given a word in exchange . . .

When we’ll become old,

There will be no strength left in your body to walk,

One kilometre will be liked thousand miles,

That time you may have get some help from your neighbours,

May be some of them will take you to hospital,

They will stand will you at your trouble,

Share your achievements with them,

Give a small party,

Invite them for dinner,

It’s keep you happy . . .

So don’t live in social network,

Live in the real world,

And love the reality . . .

Maha Shivaratri

24. 02. 2017

Yesterday, we celebrated Maha Shivaratri, a Hindu festival celebrated annually in honor of the Lord Shiva. According to our mythology Shiva is the destroyer of evil, God’s of God, the supreme God. His power has no limit, he is never born, he is before this universe even started, he will be after this universe destroyed. He is Adideva ( The first God). Some of the statue were older than 10000 BCE. .  Generally we keep fast and prayer to remember Lord Shiva, the ardent devotees keep awake all night while others like me visit one of the Lord Shiva temple and light lamps ( Diyas) up to mid- night. My village has a Lord Shiva’s temple too, and we four friends went there to light lamps too,, more than ten thousand of people had come, so rush that we couldn’t get a place to sit inside the templeyard.

  The temple’s pond  of our village is the most beautiful pond according to me, because there is a mini- house middle of the pond and it connected by  a narrow bridge. Because it was Maha Shivaratri, so it decorated by lights. Stairs of the pond was also filled by devotees, we four friend found some empty place at the mini-house at the middle of the pond, we went there and lit our lamps, we stared at there up to ten O’clock night ( Most of devotees up to mid- night)

My mom also kept fast and she didn’t take even water till she saw the Mahadipa ( It’s a huge lamp,  those devotees keep fasting are allowed to take food after saw it)

  But for most of us it’s a holiday, so we can play cricket, go to movies, take vegetarian foods and lastly to go temple where we meet lots of beautiful girls. Our society is still a conservative so it’s a great place to exchange some words or exchange contact number for love birds. Lord Shiva is a married man and He has two sons too,  so it’s not a offend in our temple.  

Outside the temple, a small fair was arranged for people and children, most of them having spicy snacks and Ice cream and sweets. One of my neighbors sold more than ten thousand rupees Ice-cream and was happy a lot. For him it was a great opportunity to encashment it. Different people have different reason to come . . .

  Only a few actually come to pray Lord Shiva, it is the reality . . .


Let’s make a heaven

Let’s make a world where everyone is equal,

Where there is no need for border and politician,

Let’s make a world without violence,

Without hunger, without poverty,

Without army and without any weapon,

Let’s make a heaven . . .

Let’s break the law of religion . . .

Let’s pray every man-made God,

And release ourselves from grab of the religion,

Let’s say to world that we have no religion,

We aren’t part of this idiotic system…

Let’s keep Allah and Ram and Jesus Christ in one room,

Let’s gift candle to Ram, coconut to Allah and milk to Jesus,

And wine to Lord Buddha . . .

Let’s break all the custom of religion,

Go to temple with white cap of Mussulmen,

go to Church with casual dress,

and wear coat and go to Masjid …

Let’s unite all religion and make it one,

Where every one loves everyone,

Let’s free yourself from this religious system,

Tell the world that we have only one religion,

That, we are human . . .

  I backed to my native place after almost five years, My friends planned a small picnic . So one Sunday afternoon we went to a picnic spot just few kilometres away from my home.

The sky was blue with some white clouds with different shape and size, like white ships on blue ocean, a kid can imagine many unseen pictures in sky but adult people couldn’t, over the top of  the hill there was a temple older than two hundred years and feet there was with a beautiful lake made it into a scenery. 

  ” Beautiful, this place is, isn’t it?” one of my friend said who had come  for the first time there.

  “Is it really beautiful?” I asked this questione to myself.

 Undoubtedly, the temple was beautiful with classic arts and beautiful statues, the statue of God was made by Pure gold, even Singhason (throne) was also made in gold and white marble floor. 

  When I was a kid, I came to the temple with my mom several times in a year, there was no road, it was required too much labor to climb  the hill and reach at the temple. People were drinking the chill water of the stream, eating lot of nuts all the way, some nuts were really delicious. The hill was covered by a  jungle, it was a home of many wild animals. people were scaring to come alone, even in day light. On the way some time deer and rabbits were crossing the path, there was possibility of face-to-face with tiger and bear.

 Few  years back government thought for development of the place, road was made by sacrificing of stone and bushes, few acares of land gifted to industries to extablish of production unit. Bungalows were made near temple for resort. Now-a-days buses and cars can easily carry people up to temple’s stairs; people come here to spend holidays in thousand of numbers for peace. But peace is disappeared with stream and bushes of nuts. Deer and rabbits were gone where no one could know, tiger and bear had just become folk’s tales with passing years. The lake was with plenty of water but it’s water couldn’t use as drinking purpose because of pollution, some NGO made a water tank above the hill to solve the problem of drinking water, a water tank came every day for two times to fill it now. More people brought more wastage with money flow; to clean wastage became headache for the government now. 

Still I can’t understand what the Government did, development or destruction ?

The slave of twenty-first century

I’m a slave, a slave of this twenty-first century,

Who works under someone just exchange of some money,

And I have no personal life according to him . . .

I bound to work in Sunday,

And celebrate my higher authority birth day,

Even if I just hate him . . .

I’m the slave,

Who has chosen to be a slave knowingly,

To solve some material need, just for some money,

To fulfil my duty toward my family…

I’m the slave who pronounce his master’s name proudly,

Put his name batch in neck like it is a gold medal of Olympic,

Who wears a tie in neck instead of chain,

 loves or not wears formal dress,

Be clean shave always to impress…

I’m a slave of twenty-first century,

Who choose a life of slave,

To happy this slave society, to happy other slaves.. .

Becoming a slave is now a status in our country,

If you are not a slave your parents can’t face the society . . .

Though no one is now useing the word slave,

Instead of slave we use job & service,

To satisfy our heart and satisfy our mind . . .

Still one thing isn’t changed now,

 Still we aren’t even a human for our master,

Still according to master we are just a slave for him,

Yes, I’m a slave,

 I’m a slave of twenty first century . . .

Who deserves God’s respect?

In heaven, God was over his chair,  thinking something deeply. Suddenly fwe Angels landed in front of him with two soles of human with them; first one was a common man, who was very helpful for other. Second man was a saint, who was spending his whole life in jungle in prayer.

  God stood and offered a seat just beside him to the common man, and took a decision that the Saint will reborn in earth again.

  “This is unfair God,” sob saint,” you gave a place nearer to you to a common man but sending me back without exchange a word. I had spent the whole my life in your prayer, just to see you once. And I have never done anything wrong in my life. So I deserve heaven.”

   ‘You have spent whole your life to see me. I now fulfil your ambition, don’t I?’ replied God with a cold smile.  ‘ So now go back and do your work. You said that you hadn’t done  any mistake, because you hadn’t done anything in your life.  your life is a complete waste.  I send everyone to do something but you haven’t done anything.  you were knowledgeable,  intelligent but you have been never shared your knowledge with anyone, so your life and knowledge was a completely waste. If you had  thought to create something for betterment of people then you would have definitely earned some respect. if you had invented something then I would have given respect to you. but you hadn’t done anything at all.   At other hand this common man have done his every duty properly,  he was a best father, a faithful husband, friends of friends and God for those who needed help, I gave my beside seat to him because he is also a God for some people. He deserves my nearer seat because he is a God, One God must respect another God.”

  “But he had a family man, he never had any time for pray to you, he must have very often go to your temple.”

  “So what, I too has a family, he had done all his responsibility perfectly, not like you who had left his father alone to get me, ” criticized God, ” Have you ever think why I send a human to earth? I send a man to earth to do some work, people respect me only for my work, only your work can  give you respect. I am God because of my work, my whole life isI dedicated for people, I always try to do something for betterment of people, for this only you respect me.   For this only I am the God.

  “And last thing after you had left your father alone, this common man took your father responsibility, at the time of death your father jointed his hand  to him said, “I’ve never seen a God in my life but You are a God in my life. Don’t waste your whole life to get me, always think to be a God, then you’ll automatically become god’s best friend, Because God ‘s best friend must be a God. 


I’m the poem of your !

Once you had written me on a piece of paper,

That night you had kept me over the table,

But wind threw me at corner,

I expected you would search me desperately, 

And would try to find me…

But you forgot me . . .

Believe in me,

I am your best creation,

You must have to find me,

& give me a place in your new book,

I guarantee you; 

I will win lots of heart for you…

When we’ll independent

I’m a graduate, who is searching for a job,

To get government job I must have to give money to corrupt officer,

And to get a private job I must have needed some experience,

With a good English communication. . .

Our country interviews are taken in English,

But English is not compulsory after getting the job,

Our county genius people treat as an idiot,

And idiots treat as genius. . .

Our work environment is actually only favorable for slave,

Where no employee has any right to share their ideas,

So many geniuses force to work under this idiotic atmospheres,

To remain in job . . .

Here everyone is running after job,

No one is ready to make any innovation,

Still proudly say to everyone that I’m working in a big organization . . .

We independence from British before 68 years,

But still we can’t independence  from this slave mentality people,

And this slavery system…

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