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I’m a man of errors, how many mistakes I’ve done in my life I couldn’t even count, I was so idiot that if I write one page I will make more than thirty mistakes. I can’t even write error free without MS-word or Google keyboard. I still try to make me better and it will continue whole life…

I was in MBA and wanted to be a business before five years, and even had started a business while I was in second semester.But I couldn’t have succeeded due to not giving sufficient time personally and some wrong decisions. I lost my all saving and lost some investment of my friends. I was depressed, lonely. I have no idea how and and when I had taken writing seriously. Though I had been writing stories and poems while I was in school.Before two years I have self-published my two books which wasn’t given my satisfactory results, but my last self -published had given my glimpse of some success and I had earned a little.It has given me self confident. Still I have taken my first three books as my learning process.

My book ‘ The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’ is now publish on eBook addition on


Why we broke up?

No one had seen me with a smile

after we broke up

I was a small-town man

for whom love means

staying together forever.

Whose fault it was

still I can’t answer

I don’t know the reason

why suddenly I became possessive

or why you scarified my love

for happiness of your parents

 and became a cheater.

But I know still you love me

and I love you too

although we both know

We can’t now ever together.

Who are in love . . .

Love is painful

Terrible, horrible, scary

For those

Whose get failure in love

Love is waste if time

Injurious and dangerous

Whose don’t get the love.

Love is a slow poison

Whose marry their love

Don’t believe me

Ask them who are in love.

When love becomes Poison . . .


Sometime love becomes poison,

a simple man becomes a complicated one,

A man can backstabbing his friend for love,

a girl can destory house of her sister,

a mother can kill his own daughter,

a wife can cheat his husband,

and a broken heart can break thousands of heart…

So be careful in love,

Please don’t play with anyone’s heart for fun . . .

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Do not break my heart

I beg you
don’t break my heart
I’ll become a wild cat.

Don’t leave me alone
I am a fire,
without control
I’ll burn this world.

I am an man with power
don’t make a monster
I’ll destroy everything
without even care.

I just want your love
don’t break my heart
don’t make me a devil
for this world
I’ll become a pain in ass.