Stone & flower

It’s Morning,

The world was luminous by the first sunbeam

Stone was still in the grass of bed,

covered itself in a bedsheet of dry leaves,

 sleeping like dead,

Till the wind blew away leaves,

And shining sunbeam broke his sleep.

‘What’s your problem man?’ the stone complained.

‘The wind is comfy,

Nature is cool,

 I want a few hours of rest,

Can’t you rise a little late?’

Sun smiled and calmly spoke,

 ‘It’s my duty to wake you all,

The night is for sleep, and the day is for work,

Wake up and do something,

Make this world beautiful and shining.’

Stone made a gloomy face,

 ‘I don’t have hands & legs,

 I am ugly and useless,

What can I do?

 Can you explain?’

‘If you can’t do anything,

then just watch this beautiful world,’

Sun replied and vanished behind clouds,

 might be playing hide and seek.

Motivated by the words of the Sun,

the stone moved its eyes to watch the beauty of nature,

The first few minutes were boring

birds, animals, and trees

nothing could excite him,

suddenly eyes stop over a corner,

something glistening like a pearl,

it was a water drop over a gorgeous red flower.

Oh my god!

The flower was so beautiful and fresh,

Going to bloom in the next minute or less,

Rock had never seen such beauty in his life,

fall in love at first sight,

 wanted to express his love,

Planning to say how much he loved her.

But the language of flowers wasn’t same,

there was a communication barrier…

Part 2 of this song will come soon


Miss my love

I miss you in every night

I miss you when I walked alone in the street

I miss you when I get some rejection

Or some recognition

Sometime I miss you when I’m happy

Or when I’m sad

When I’m with my friend

Even when I’m with you

I know you will never come back

It’s not possible

But still I hope you back again in my life

And marry me and become my wife…

Don’t Break my heart

Don’t break my heart,

Or I’ll become a wild cat,

hunt and killing will be my game

and Just for fun I’ll Kill anyone,

Embrace me in your arm,

Or wait to see destruction of this world.

Don’t leave me alone,

Or I’ll turn into fire,

without you

I’ll burn this whole world.

I am a man with power

don’t make me a monster

Or I’ll destroy everything

without even care.

I just want your love

don’t break my heart

don’t make me a devil of this world,

Or I’ll become a pain in ass.

To whom you love

Men with masks and women with faces

Don’t believe,

 don’t trust

Or your soul will crush

 your heart will be broken

And become a clown before you know…

The world is full of uncertainty

Friend becomes enemy

The enemy becomes friends with the situation

Who knows?

Trust but not wholly,

Love someone but not blindly,

Make friends with evaluation,

In this selfish world

even parents are against you

if you don’t fulfill their exception.

No idea how many masks wear by your man

or how many hidden layers of faces have the girl

to whom you love…

Planet of Oceans

Thunder rolled all over the skies again and again, the wind blew furiously, it was summer but black clouds made the noon into the evening, rain drops were fat and pinched like needles, the rain was continuous, the water level increased a lot, while city looked like submersed inside water, Prime minister of India stood over the top floor of the building of PMO with the defense minister and army heads, wearing a raincoat, looked tense.

‘What’s the news, could you be able to connect with USA’s president,’ he asked.

‘Nope, don’t know the situation of America,’ gasped the defense minister. ‘Might be both America continentals sank in the ocean too.’

   Before two weeks an Asteroid, bigger than the size of Australia was coming towards earth at an enormous speed. Many scientists thought it was an unknown comet. Till the time Scientists could calculate the danger it was too late. It hit the atmosphere and turned into the fire as expected but it was not an ordinary asteroid. Its surface was solid but its inner core was made of ice, the surface burned after minutes and Ice converted to water and vapor, the collision site was the Indian Ocean, 11.7 earthquakes made Soil liquefaction, tsunami followed by the earthquake, clouds burst everywhere, the heavy rains continued, sea level would rise about 140 meters (460 feet), According to last information more than half of the population die within few hours. The ocean covered almost all the cities, and land shrink significantly.

‘Aircraft carrier is ready,’ said the army chief. ‘Within a few minutes this building will sink, we have to leave.’

‘How many Aircraft carriers do we still have?’ asked the prime minister.

‘Just three,’ replied the army chief gloomily.

‘How many people we saved?’ asked the prime minister, while going toward a fighter jet landing over the roof.

‘Just little over hundred thousand,’ said Home Minister, tears fell down from his eyes, mixed with rain. ‘I can’t even save my own daughter and wife.’

‘Neither have I save my wife,’ said a commando who opened the door of the fighter jet for the Prime minister. Without saying anything Prime-minister entered inside the fighter jet, the fighter jet rose above, Prime minister found muddy water everywhere, there was no sign of building or land, they flew up to an hour, then finally landed over an aircraft carrier, on lighting and rain he could see few aircraft carriers of different countries.       

     Now the earth is completely submerged inside Oceans, some called it now the planet of Oceans.

Layer of faces

Men with masks and women with faces

Don’t believe, don’t trust

Or your soul will crush

 you will be broken

And become a clown without even know…

The world is full of uncertainty

Friend becomes enemy

and enemy becomes friend with the situation

Who knows?

Trust someone but with a boundary,

Love someone but not blindly,

Make friends with evaluation,

In this selfish world

even parents are against you

if you don’t fulfill their exception.

No idea how many hidden layers of faces are there

To whom you love and trust…

Love is a beautiful journey

You became my love drugs

within few months,

I just wanted medicine to heal my heart,

but you became my addiction,

I miss you just a few hours apart,

Why? I don’t know.

Might be I am in love,

What I will do Now?

Love has two faces,

With happiness pain comes

Excitement comes with sorrow

Pleaser comes with a chance of heartbroken

Tear and emotions become friends

So stay away from love

 if you consider yourself intelligent…

First few months in love

 reality is better than a dream

After a year

Imagination is better than reality

A few years away

it seems like a permanent disease

There is no option left you to have to live with it

But when we became old

Love seems like a beautiful journey. . .

Rejection of Love

I was an animal

who loves to hunt

a machine

without any emotion

a selfish man

only my happiness matter…

Your love

Made me a human

I changed a lot

To get your love.


You rejected me

And broke my heart

Pain and rejection

made me stronger

although still try to recover …

 Now I am a different,

a sympathetic man,

with a goal

to do something great

and give return something to world

 tear of heart broken

washed all my dirt

and only gold left in plate

ready to shin when the time will come… 

Healing of love

Pain and suffer

friends with me form last few years

Smile vanished from life

and happiness disappeared

I couldn’t except from loneliness’s hug,

Money didn’t want to stay near me

as loan became my companion,

I was struggling in grab of starving,

mind clouded with negative thoughts

love break up with me

 and I break up with job

secretly kill all of my emotions,

Turned in to a heartless man.

It’s took years to recover to gather my soul,

Me become myself with lots of efforts,

Everything was possible by your magical touch,

You healed my heart and fill it with emotions,

When I fall in love with you,

 I don’t even know …

My Fault

It’s not my fault

You do all wrong,

fall in love,

never confess

when you find me

with other girls

it’s not my fault…

it’s not my fault

you give me rose

gift me some precious

cook for me

and do all my stuff

but never dare to purpose

so how can I know you are in love

It’s not my fault…

I am a free man,

 a wind,

 to whom you can’t keep,

whom you can’t stop,

you know

I have no brain

 to understand your little emotions

it’s not my fault …

It’s hurt to hurt you,

painful to see you in pain,

You know in matter of love

I am an idiot,

For me you are my best friend

But for you I am your love

It’s not my fault…

You are beautiful with smile

I can’t see tear in your eyes

I don’t know it’s love or not

But I don’t want a day without you,

So, it’s my fault

as for me friendship is love . . .