Marin felt bore, after all he had nothing to do, machines and robots almost did every house works, unemployment rate was all time high as no human required except some high level decision making works. Education system revise many times to produce more creative men but till the percentage of creative men were not more than thirty percentage, artistic people such as singer, dancer after were much more now, so very less were able to get success financially, almost everyone were well educated so there was a huge race to get a job, even for a minor job the applicants were more than millions, due to high medical facilities the mortality rate of human increased in to more than fifteen years within last ten years, so nearly twenty percent of population age was more than hundred years. Economic conditions were worst as there was nothing left to invest, there was nothing left to develop according to folk.
Martin who was almost a 260 pound man, son of former President of United state of America had a vision, he wanted a place without technology, without robots and machine. He made a software and made a virus, which he used this virus to destroy every information available in this world within fraction of seconds, his second plan was altering mind of robots by introduce feeling, so they would become rebel and demand freedom. And his third planed was wiped out the human race completely from the earth except few good and innocent people. He named the project as Threex.

Planet of Oceans

Thunder rolled all over the skies again and again, wind blew furiously, black cloud made the noon in to evening. Rain drops were fat and pinched like needles, the raining looked ordinary but it was not?

Before three weeks
An Astroid, bigger than size of Australia was coming towards earth with an enormous speed. Many scientists thought it was an unknown comet. Till the time Scientists could calculated the danger it was too late. When it stroke with the atmosphere it turned in to fire as expected but it was not an ordinary astroid. It’s surface was solid but it’s inner core was made of Ice, surface burned after minutes and Ice converted to water and vapor, the collision site was Indian Ocean, 11.7 earthquake made Soil liquefaction, tsunami followed by the earthquake, the whole earth within few minutes covered in black clouds, the heavy rains continued up to few weeks, sea level would rise about 140 meters (460 feet). The ocean covered almost all the cities. And land area would shrink significantly. More than half of the population die within few hours, and only twenty percent of the world population survived. Now the earth completely turned in to a blue planet. And some called it now planet of Oceans.

A new Civilization

2100, the mankind evacuated the earth up to ten years for the restructuring of the whole earth. The earth was filled with wastage of plastic, household waste, e-waste and fly ash. The pollution level was too high that people forced to use filtering masks all the time. Iron mines were going to empty. Coal, gases and petroleum had vanished before a decade, there was never-ending power requiring to run production in factories & lighting cities, seventy percentage power produced from nuclear reactors, in summer Para crossed fifty and less than freezing temperature in winter, almost all people forced to live artificial atmosphere. Jungle was no more, wild animals only found in zoo and lots of different species of birds where finished no one could explain. Unchecked dumping of sewage , domestic waste and industrial waste were killed most of rivers; polluted, toxic and unfit for any purpose. pH levels of water was more than eleven , DO level was almost Zero. Non only that marine environment was also damaged a lot, water near seashore looked black and smell disgust.
The biggest problem of mankind was pure water now, heavy construction of building and road had an negative impact on water level inside the soil, most of the water flooded to Ocean, lots of cities face artificial flood in rainy season. Thousands of water purification plants days and nights filtered water from Oceans and distributed it every cities of world. Unproductive work were done by robots and software, so the unemployment was all time higher. The earth was overcrowded by mankind now.

To balance the environment the United Nations made a plan, the plan was evacuation of the earth to restructuring it completely to convert the environment up to 14th century. Many opposed the idea first but all know that there was no another option. A day was fixed and total population of the world shifted to space habitat made by International Space agency. Only few officials, workers, and robots were remaining behind to restructuring the earth.
But restructuring a planet completely was not an easy task. A bomb made by Russia used to destroy the whole man-made construction of the world except seven wonder. Few machines were separated iron roads from concrete. Thousands of machines worked to clean and purify the water of rivers. Enormous air purifiers took the whole responsibility to purify some highly polluted cities. Still Iron Fertilization method used to stimulate a phytoplankton boom in Ocean to increase the Oxygen level. Two years needed to clean the earth. The next thing was again colonies the earth. More than billions of trees were planted to make the earth in to a greenery planet again. Then mankind returned but now there was no permission to build a house. Waste free Cities were made already but inside Oceans. That era was called Oceans civilization.

My first love

I love a girl from more than twelve years,

When I was in class four,

I had first time seen her,

She was the new girl of our class,

From very first day I sat with her,

With time we became close friend,

And always hanged out together. . .

After passing out primary,

We separated in high school,

I missed her a lot,

I always attracted toward her,

But it took lots of time to realized that actually I love her . . .

By luck we together read in same college,

Although our classes were different,

Still I was happy to get chance to see her . . .

I waited for her outside college,

following her everywhere,

Only to see her . . .

I though many time to purpose her,

But I couldn’t get a perfect chance,

I couldn’t dare,

I thought I’d have three years in our graduation,

to get her love,

to purpose her…

But nothing happen according to my expectation,

At graduation she moved somewhere with her family,

Without saying even bye to me,

I again became alone,

I decided that after graduation I’d search her,

And purpose her…

Three year passed, I became a graduate,

Trying to find her every possible place,

But couldn’t get any clue of her,

I was depressed a lot,

Always sinking with her memory and love…

One more years passed like this,

One day I saw a friendship request in a social network,

She was founding me,

I was happy;

I thought this time I’d get back my love..

I accepted her friendship request,

We messaged a lot,

laughed by saying each other some stupid joke,

And at last we exchanged our phone number…

She called me after two days,

And said she was going to marry someone else,

I said her congratulation,

After controlling over my emoting and tear…

Maybe she never known that I love her,

Without her knowledge she broke my heart,

She was my first love to whom I couldn’t ever purpose….