A paragraph of ‘The revenge of Gandhi’s follower.’

 ‘How many of you want to be a doctor?’ Those, who wanted to be a doctor raised their hands. ‘Why a doctor? After becoming a doctor, what would you do, die or suicide?’ said Vijay, making a fun. There was a snort of laughter among students and faculties. ‘In India, approximately ten lakh doctors are there and if you also become a doctor, then what’s new on that? Are you going to get Bharat Ratna? Those who want to be an Engineer, will they get Nobel Prize after becoming an engineer? Lakhs of engineers are there in this world. What is so extraordinary about it? And those who want to become manager; can you become the world’s richest man? No, never. On the other hand, to be a scientist is good but what you want to invent? Why don’t you mention it? Can you decide what are you dreaming to invent?’ Taking a pause, ‘Future Doctors why don’t you mention what innovation you want to bring in medicine? No one even mentioned any department in which you want to work in future. Future engineers, why don’t you think of making some greater things that is some machines which can change the life style of human beings. Why don’t our future computer engineers think to invent some machines better than computer?’

There was pin drop silence all around the hall.

‘Many of you said that your hobbies are playing crickets, football, make paintings, dancing, singing and so on. But none of you said that you want to become a dancer, actor, painter, cricket player or football player. Why no one said to become a novel prize winner or to get Bharat Ratna? No one among you said to become Prime Minister or President. Why no one said to become a great writer and win the Nobel Prize in literature? We all discuss a lot about the person who gets Nobel Prize or Bharat Ratna. Then why don’t we think about ourselves? Why can’t we dream to win Nobel Prize? Why we have just small dreams for ourselves? To be precise, why we restrict ourselves within an enclosed boundary?’

My book, ‘The revenge of Gandhi’s follower’ will publish soon.

Different mindset !

I am the man with a dream,  

I dream to fly with you for the rest of my life,  

But for you, I’m a boy without planning,

unrealistic and selfish…

 I want to do something for society, 

 To give back something to man-kind, 

 But you aren’t the girl, who can understand my feeling,

  according to you,

you are the only person who has every right to live…

 I want that Mankind remember my name in future,

  At list miss me once in a year,  

But your materialistic mind couldn’t accept this,  

For you matching and branding dress is important form someone emotion,  

Without any interest you don’t want to build any relation,  

Money is everything for you,

 but risk taking is not your option.

 But I’m the man with a mission and a different Vision,

I chose a different path to walk, 

You can’t walk with me so you choose a different path, 

I have no issue on that, 

But still I miss you sometime,

still you are in my heart…

Poison love

This pain is not more painful than you have given me,
this pain is physical, which will end in somedays,

but you cut my heart, cut my soul,

yours painful words are killing me,

every nights and days…

I try to forget you everydays,

every seconds,

but unknowingly take your name…

Killer smile of your killing me smoothly,

cute voice of your is sharper than a knife,

Tear come out from my eyes were pure blood,

it can’t stop,

 it wouldn’t stop, 

till your type hearts are present in this world…

Finding myself

I want to do something,

For myself and for man-kind,

But first thing was to search myself,

Which was most difficult thing?

I’d tried lots of things to find out myself,

To find out my happiness,

First I got failure in lots of things,

At last I discovered myself,

and got happiness from my work,

Now my work is everything for me…

My time will come . . .

Branches are broken before even I could hold,

Steps are vanishing before I put my feet,

Luck is behaving like my enemy,

Or my destiny wants to take me to another direction,

Which I couldn’t understand now,

May be where I can get something more,

But the pain is severe, unbearable now . . .

I’m jobless, still depend over my parents,

Without any income sources life is now poisonous…

Everyday I’m getting rejection, 

Nasty comment from society and home,

I know one day I’ll rule over this world,

But now that day will not come,

I have to wait for some time, 

Just few days more to get the success, 

Few days to stand again,

And show to this world that I’m a winner . . .

Warning of nature . . .

I’m the tree of your wall,

You have not planted me,

I’m the warning of nature,

My existent tells you that this ground is ours,

Soil is our home, 

it’s not to build road or home,

The soil is for green,

It belongs to tree…

If you don’t stop destroy us,

The nature must take revange from you,

And one day the race of mankind will end forever . . .