Be a human

Angry, ego, greedy are our master,

These keep us slave forever,

We are so idiot that we never try to free ourselves,

We idiots fight with each other,

by name of country, religion and caste system,

Becoming a terrorist to go to haven,

Kill innocent people by name of God…

No God gives permission to kill men,

No holy scripture is supporting of killing of anyone,

It’s a coward work to kill someone,

Be brave to love everyone,

Feel proud when you won heart of thousand men.

Your caste can’t make you a great human,

But your work can definitely make you immoral.

Your country can’t make you a better man,

But a man can make his country proud and better by his work.

Change yourself and be a human,

Let’s try to do something to make a better world . . .

8 thoughts on “Be a human

  1. A wonderful call for peace, Bibhuti. My favorite lines:
    “It’s a coward work to kill someone,
    Be brave to love eyeryone,”
    I think that is true – peace takes great courage and conviction. Hatred and violence are the acts of weak men.

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    1. Absolutely true , it’s Gandhi’s philosophy, he says to forgive someone and to love everyone needs courage, you need to be brave saying truth always. I hope one day many leader will follow Gandhi and make this world a better one.

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