The effect of time line

Rohan had lovable parents, and a beautiful girlfriend but he was not happy, why he had not idea? No one had seen him with a smile form few weeks.
  ‘Why do you always look sad, have I done something wrong?’ Anita asked one day.

  ‘I can’t understand, I feel like. . . I mean . . . I’m missing someone, but to whom, I can’t understand?’ Rohan replied, looking confused. 

  ‘But whom,’ asked Anita surprisingly, taking sometime to think. ‘I can understand, you are missing Sima, after all she was your first love . . .’

  ‘ I am not thinking about Sima,’ he replied annoyingly. ‘The relation between Sima and me was never two sided, so she was never part of my life. I am missing someone, I can’t explain, but I thought Someone is missing from my life.  When I see my old album I can imagine absence of someone, I can hear someone’s joke and laugh but I couldn’t understand whom I am missing,  I have been seen dreams, in those dream I have found someone standing with me in every  situation.’

  ‘ A boy or girl,’ smirked Anita naughty to easy the atmosphere.

   It brought smile on Rohan’s lips, ‘There is no one in your competition,’ he replied, ‘ I see a man in my dream, not any girl.’

  ‘ Man! That’s the big problem,’ again Anita joked. ‘ Do you lost your interest over girl?’ 

  ‘Shut up,’ Rohan snapped, but with a smile.

 ‘ Look, don’t take any dream seriously,’ Anita said calmly. ‘Sometimes it happens, sometimes we see some unknown faces in dreams to whom we have never met in our real life.’

  Rohan looked convinced but not completely, that night he again saw the man in his dream, he heard the man name was Ashis. They were best friends, even he saw Ashis’s parents in that dream. After he woke up he thought about Ashis, he suddenly reminded something, he had a best friend in class three, his name was Ashis, his home was just few meters away from Ashis’s home, both went to school together, but he couldn’t remember why they weren’t friend anymore. At that morning he went straightly near Ashish’s parents. 

  ‘ Where is Ashis?’ He asked them desperately.

  Ashis’s parents looked shocked, ‘Who are you, Rohan?’ Ashis’s father asked, looking surprise. Suddenly Rohan heard sobbing of Ashis’s mother. ‘Don’t you know that Ashis diad at a road accident?  when you both were going to school, you both hit by a truck that day, you survived but my Ashis couldn’t. . .’

  Tear fell down from Ashis’s father’s eyes.  

  ‘ How could he forget all this,’ Rohan asked to himself angrily, he tried to remind the incident but he couldn’t remember anything at all. He found something was awkward, If Ashis had died at childhood how could he feel that Ashis was always present with him. And how could he forget if any accident had happened with him. 

He tried to focus, that night he again saw a dream, He saw Ashis and him were going to school, suddenly something appeared in front of them from nowhere, he had never seen a machine like that, before they could understand anything the machine ran toward them with a great speed and hit them. He was badly wounded but still he had some scenes.

  ‘The future will be changed automatically, I killed Dr Ashis,’ the machine said to someone. ‘ Dr Rohan is still alive, and I am going to kill him too.’

  ‘ No! D . . . don’t kill him, I am his descendent, if you kill him then I’ll never born,’ a shadow figure warned. ‘But you have to modified his memory.’

  A light flashed, Rohan couldn’t see anything more,  he woke up from his dream. 

‘There must be someone changed the time by the time machine,’ he thought, ‘ If I’ll never born a baby then that man who was responsible for death of Ashis would never born,’ he took the decision and sleep.

  ‘ Rohan, get up quickly, we have to go,’ Anita is waiting for us,’ Someone said, Rohan opened his eyes, he found Ashis stood in front of him . He smiled. 

  ‘ Just give me five minutes,’Rohan  told with a smile, yawning slightly. ‘ you have to purpose Anita today if you really want to get her love, you will never get such a beautiful chance in future.’ 

  ‘ I am little nervous,’ Ashis said nervously. ‘ Will she accept my love?’

  ‘ Why not? You are the handsome most man of our college,’ said Ashis encouragingly. ‘ She will definitely accept your love.’

The time was changed now, Anita became Ashis’s girlfriend, Rohan was never married, even he had no knowledge that Anita would be his girlfriend if Ashis was not there . For him the time was never changed . . .


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